The Kardashians: This is How They Travel with Kids

Kourtney Kardashian in Travel Mom Mode

Traveling with kids is hard. But usually when we normal citizens are doing so, we don’t have photographers snapping our every move. That is not how the Kardashians travel. Not only do they have their own camera crew with them, but the paparazzi can not get enough of them!

So how does Kourtney Kardashian travel?

Sunglasses: Those are essential for the celebrity flight. You don’t want to load up on makeup before sitting on a plane for hours and hours.

Family: Kourtney enlisted the help of her sister Khloe to help wrangle the kids. Every mom can use an extra hand.

Stroller: A stroller is a must have for any parent of a little one. And this stroller has something extra, for Kourtney’s son Mason a ride-on platform!

How do you travel with kids?


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