The Kennedys Mini Series - Where Can You Find Reelz on Your TV?

the kennedys reelz
The Kennedys Airs on Reelz

The Kennedys, an extra special eight part miniseries that has already seen more drama than most shows ever experience, is finally set to start airing tonight on the little known Reelz channel.  

Where can you find The Kennedys on your television?

The Kennedys starring Katie Holmes as Jackie O and Greg Kinnear as JFK is finally being aired on Reelz.  The eight part series itself has had almost as much drama as the Kenndy family itself after being mysteriously dumped by The History Channel earlier this year.   Why was it dumped?  Apparently the writers take great liberties with the history of the family and the channel was uncomfortable with some of the fictionalized content. 

Reelz finally snatched up the American rights to air the series and have been promoting the heck out of it.  The one question that most viewers seem to have about the show is where exactly can they find Reelz on their tvs.  You can check for local cable providers at the the Reelz website.  Nationally you can watch The Kenndys on DirecTV Channel 238 and Dish Network Channel 299.  

Will you be watching The Kennedys tonight on Reelz?