The Kennedys Miniseries: The Controversial TV Show Critics Loved (Video)


The controversial TV miniseries The Kennedy’s that the History Channel would air, finally premiered last night on the Reelz Channel.  The miniseries tells the life of the famous and influential Kennedy family. 

The Kennedy’s includes several famous stars: Greg Kinnear as John F. Kennedy, Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy, Barry Pepper as the Robert F. Kennedy, and Tom Wilkinson as Joseph P. Kennedy and directed by Jon Cassar.

And the critics loved it! John Ziegler at the Daily Caller (a conservative leaning news site) said: “I highly recommend doing everything you can to watch ‘The Kennedys.’ You will enjoy it, probably learn a thing or two, and you will strike a blow for artistic expression and against the liberal Hollywood establishment that apparently no longer believes in such concepts, even when doing so would have further elevated one of their heroes.”

Linda Stassi, a critic for the New York Post said: “‘The Kennedys’ is the best miniseries you almost weren’t allowed to see…it is without a doubt one of the best, most riveting, historically accurate dramas about a time and place in American history that has ever been done for TV.”

The Kennedy’s will air in 8 parts on Sunday nights on the Reelz Channel. Will you be watching? If you missed it last night, you can catch the encore tonight. Still need more reasons to watch? There are five good ones here.

Watch the trailer for the show here!