The Lion King 3D: Lion King Bloopers and Outtakes! (Video)

The Lion King bloopers outtakes gag reel video
The Lion King bloopers!

The Lion King 3D is set for a September 16 release in theaters, and that means the marketing machine is in full force!

Check out The Lion King bloopers and outtakes in this video clip – the Disney folks re-assembled most of the cast for this Lion King 3D special feature that includes plenty of funny from your favorite characters.

Listen for James Earl Jones’ Mufasa, Whoopi Goldberg doing her hyena laugh, a goof from Matthew Broderick as Simba, Jeremy Irons having a line malfunction, and more.

Hard to believe it’s been almost 15 years since The Lion King first debuted!

I love a good blooper/outtake reel – and animated movies are no exception. I’m including the Toy Story 2 and A Bug’s Life gag reel videos below too because it’s definitely a highlight from those films.

Lion King 3D – 'Bloopers And Outtakes' by LusoTrailer