The Lost Valentine: Watch The Lost Valentine Hallmark Movie Online (VIDEO)

the lost valentine
Watch The Lost Valentine Movie Online

The Lost Valentine, starring Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt, airs tonight on CBS at 9:00pm ET. The Lost Valentine is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that will surely tug at the heartstrings of romantics everywhere. If you aren’t near your TV tonight, you can also watch The Lost Valentine movie online. For a sneak peek, check out the video clip below of The Lost Valentine promo.

The Lost Valentine centers around Betty White’s character, Caroline, a woman whose husband was a Navy pilot in World War II. Before he left for war, he said goodbye to her at Union Station…and she was pregnant with their first child. The man never gets to see his baby, as his plane goes missing over the Pacific.

Every year for 65 years on the anniversary of their goodbye, Caroline returns to Union Station to remember her beloved husband. Jennifer Love Hewitt emerges as a TV reporter who decides to try and figure out what happened to Caroline’s husband.

This sounds like a love story that can’t be missed, so be sure to watch The Lost Valentine on CBS or online tonight! I’m working on convincing my husband right now to let me change the channel to CBS at 9:00!