The Meaning Behind The Name: Suri Cruise


Suri Cruise turns 4 on Saturday and her every moment has been documented by paparazzi since birth. Where she’s eating, what she’s wearing and how much it costs, where she’s playing-what else could there possibly be to know? 

The meaning behind her name.

Tom and Katie have never stated why they chose the unique name Suri. It’s a rarely used form of Sarah, which means princess in Hebrew or “red rose” in Persian.  These are clearly beautiful things. It is also the name of some other things that aren’t so pretty or feminine.

What else is a Suri?

It’s a breed of llama, another name for the Hindu God Krishna, an Ethiopian clan, a title used for Jain monks and a Japanese word for pickpocket.

I’m pretty sure Tom and Katie were going more for princess than person who steals your wallet.  

The fact that Suri is unique puts her on trend when it comes to celebrity baby naming, but she still manages to be different. She doesn’t have a middle name like so many other famous kids like James Wilkie, Harlow Winter Kate, or Seraphina Rose.