The Miley Cyrus Show on SNL - It's Pretty Cool! Like Dramatic! (Video)

miley cyrus snl
The Miley Cyrus Show on SNL

The Miley Cyrus Show made it’s like pretty cool debut on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live!

The skit mocked the all-grown-up version of Miley Cyrus as she attempts to shed her Hannah Montana persona and poked fun of her overly proud, dotting dad Billy Ray Cyrus. 

The Miley Cyrus Show debut episode featured SNL newbie Vanessa Bayer doing a spot-on impersonation of Cyrus’ drawl coupled with guest-host Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad as Billy Ray.   The skit poked fun of Cyrus’ energetic personality with a spoof talk show in which she deemed everything except her dad to be “Pretty cool!”

As for dad Billy Ray, Miley parlayed true teenage angst for her dad full of eye rolls and mocking facial expressions.  The skit also poked fun at Miley’s attempt to move her career beyond her Disney Channel roots into some “totally dramatic” grown-up roles without much success.  The skit was the overall highlight of the night!

Hopefully The Miley Cyrus Show can become one of the mainstays of the new SNL season!