The New Season of Glee Is Here! What Can Gleeks Expect?


GleeIf you’re like me and consider yourself a Gleek, you were thoroughly impressed with last night’s season finale. And although last year we had the awesome Madonna and Lady Gaga themed episodes, along with an incredible finale that saw the ultimate mash up of Quinn giving birth and the finals of Regional’s this year looks like it’s going to be even better.

So what do we Gleeks have to look forward to this year? Well, there’s the addition of Dot Jones as Coach Shannon Beiste who looks like she’ll be a worthy nemesis to Coach Sue Sylvester, as well as the addition of new quarterback/shower singer Chord Overstreet and the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline Cheyenne Jackson (probably best knows from his stint as the Canadian on 30 Rock). But although those cast additions already look to be great, it’s the guest stars that are lined up that will make this season of Glee one to make fans Gleek out!

Next week we’ll get to see the much anticipated Britney Spears episode that will also feature John Stamos as a love interest for Emma, and it’s also been rumoured that Gwyneth Paltrow will guest star as well. So did you love the season premiere, and what do you think you can expect from our favourite Glee club this season? I loved the premiere but would have liked to see a bit more Mercedes and Kurt and hope that we’ll get to see an incredible team performance at Regional’s for the season finale. You know that the New Directions will be out for redemption after losing to Vocal Adrenaline in last year’s finale. Idina Menzel is also rumoured to be making a guest appearance or two as Rachel Berry’s biological mother, which should make for some great TV! I loved her last year!

So what are you hoping to see this year on Glee?

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