The Next Modern Family? A New Family Comedy Is Coming To ABC


123964-gould_dana_341Long before family shows like our favorites Modern Family and Glee (yes, we’re a little obsessed here) were programmed for season passes on our TiVos,  they had to jump through hoops and over hurdles to make it through the grueling tv development and  pilot pick-up season.  We’re smack dab in the middle of that season now — with shows that were mere pitches last summer (and now fully fleshed out scripts )– having their fates determined by a small but mighty team of executives at the television networks.  We’re really excited about this one…

One show that just got the green light to go to “pilot” (fingers crossed it will then become a series brought straight into our living rooms) is yet untitled by a very funny comedian Dana Gould (full disclosure: a friend) who not only wrote the show but is going to star in it as well.  Doing what comedian’s do best — finding the humor in the drama of their own crazy childhoods and personal lives – Dana’s going to give us what I can only imagine will be a thinly veiled account of what really does go on at home with his wife and kids.  And I can’t wait.

Of course, we’re also hoping we can mine if for our soon to be launched Pop Parenting column, where as we did this week with Modern Family, we’ll be taking a regular look at tv and family films, and highlighting the less obvious teachable moments, valuable lessons  and more often than not, parenting “don’ts” and  cautionary tales to help guide us as we fumble along as modern parents.

Stay tuned!

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