The Obamas Skip Church This Christmas


Was2777601Is the First Family experiencing a crisis of faith this holiday season? According to Time, the Obamas skipped both Christmas Eve and Christmas services during their holiday retreat in Hawaii — and yes, this is apparently controversial.

Finally, more evidence that Obama is a secret Muslim sent to destroy the United States… I’m kidding.

Reportedly, the rigors of public life haven’t caused the Obamas to loose their faith. Instead, the family has been having trouble finding a church that suits them ever since they left the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago… where the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright once presided.

Apparently, the Obamas have attended the non-denominational services at Camp David when they visit the Presidential retreat. Still, the attention they get when the attend services in DC keep them from burdening congregations with their presence.

Apparently, the Sasha and Malia have been enjoying the awesome weather in Honolulu, so it’s not a total loss. In fact, I might rather be in Hawaii next Christmas Eve, instead of midnight mass.