The Obsession With Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's Wardrobe Continues


brad-pitt-parent-shilohOver the past few months, much has been made over Shiloh’s fashion sense, her short haircut and her general tomboyish sense of style.

Now, yet another piece of news is filtering out that will surely feed the fires of controversy over Shiloh’s style: On a recent shopping trip in Paris, Brad reportedly dropped $10,000 on boy’s clothes for Shiloh.

Before we go any further here, let me just state, for the record: Wearing boyish clothes doesn’t mean Shiloh’s having some kind of existential or gender crisis. She’s freakin’ 3 years old, people!  There’s even a word for it: tomboy.

It’s probably safe to say that, yes, Shiloh is a tomboy… and yes that’s fairly normal… and no, it probably isn’t worth too much psychoanalysis at this point.

Still, the fact remains that Shiloh now owns a lot of high-end boys clothes. According to a source:

“Shiloh was getting antsy while Zahara shopped in the girls’ department and she finally started whining to get Brad to take her over to look at the boys clothing, which he finally did…

Shiloh wanted ONLY boy’s clothes. She had absolutely NO interest in the pretty dresses or skirts.”

As we know, Brad likes to spoil his children a little from time to time. I can’t wait until he starts shopping for Knox. Brad will be bringing home pellet guns, dirt bikes and all kinds of awesome stuff.


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