The Oscars To Be Hosted By Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin


alec-baldwin-ireland-baldwinAlec Baldwin, pictured here with his daughter, and Steve Martin have been announced as the hosts for next year’s Oscar broadcast.  Because that duo makes perfect sense.

Steve Martin is the guy with no kids who wrote a children’s book.  Alec Baldwin is the father who called his pre-teen daughter a “rude thoughtless little pig”.  I’m trying to decide if The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is trying to become more or less appealing to families and parents.

Apparently, teaming up Martin and Baldwin is a deliberate attempt to create some uncomfortable tension for viewers of the March 7 Oscars.  “We’re expecting a spirit du combat,”  said Bill Mechanic, a producer of the Oscar show.

While the show’s producers claim to be going for “funny” and “somewhat fresh”, the collective response to this announcement seems to be, “huh??”


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