The President of Chile Pays Tribute to the Chilean Miners: What Did He Say?


CHile MinerOver two months ago, the Chilean miners lived very normal lives for their area.  The thirty three men were trapped since August 5th and were finally freed on October 13th, spending 69 days underground. Before the accident that made them prisoners of the underground, the men spent their time working in the San Jose copper-gold mines. They had children, wives, mistresses, new born babies. They were living a life away from any sort of limelight, but now each and one of them is a star captivating the world. The lives of these miners has changed forever. Two months ago I’m sure not any one of the 33 men would have that that the president of their country would be speaking of them in such high regard.

The President said that the men, “have taught us a lesson of hope and of companionship.” And he talked of how their plight and their triumph over adversity was inspiration saying, “Today I feel that Chile is prepared for great things.” He stated he was proud to be President during this time, and proud of his country saying,  “Chile was at the heart of the world and I think we showed our best side.”

One wonders how not just the miners, but their families, are dealing with this new found fame and adoration.

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