The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jacqueline Laurita Shares New Photos Of Her Boys, CJ And Nicholas (Photos)

Jacqueline Laurita's two boys, CJ and Nicholas

It looks like Jacqueline Laurita is another Real Housewives of New Jersey fan who is focusing on the positive and forgetting about all the drama that is associated with her hit reality show. The celebrity mom took her two boys CJ and Nicholas out for a weekend of fun at a pumpkin patch with their cousins on Sunday afternoon.

Take a look at our photo gallery below! I’m loving their matching outfits. Both CJ and Nicholas are growing up fast, aren’t they? 

  • CJ 1 of 6
    Boys will be boys, right? Here's CJ having a little fun at a New Jersey park with his mom. Photo via Twitter
  • Handsome 2 of 6
    My oh my he's gotten big, hasn't he? Who do you think he looks more like, his mom Jacqueline or his father, Chris? Photo via Twitter
  • Fall Fun 3 of 6
    Fall Fun
    Here's CJ and Nicholas having a little fall fun together. They looks like such cute brothers, don't they? Photo via Twitter
  • Little Cutie 4 of 6
    Little Cutie
    Nicholas looks so cute in his fall outfit, doesn't he? Photo via Twitter
  • With The Cousins 5 of 6
    With The Cousins
    There's no better weekend than a weekend spent with loved ones, right? Photo via Twitter
  • Love This! 6 of 6
    Love This!
    OMG, I am in love with this photo! How cute is this? Jacqueline, you are blessed! Photo via Twitter

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