The Real Housewives of New Jerseys Teresa Giudice Shares New Pics Of Her Girls (Photos)


She might no longer be starting fights with her co-stars on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean that Teresa Giudice hasn’t been keeping busy! The reality television star has recently tweeted a few new pictures of what she’s been up to for the past few weeks along with some adorable Twitpics of her four girls.

From promoting her Fabellini line, to receiving a Real Hero Award with Nephcure, there is no doubt that Teresa has been one busy mama!  While there are a lot of things you can probably say about this New Jersey native, there’s one thing that you can’t deny about her: She is one hard working gal!

Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!

  • Anybody Scared? 1 of 6
    Anybody Scared?
    The Giudice girls went "paintballin'" with their dad Joe.
    Photo via Twitter
  • Pre-School Fashion 2 of 6
    Pre-School Fashion
    This outfit is so New Jersey, so Giudice! Loving it!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Audriana 3 of 6
    Can this little girl be anymore stylish? Audriana on her first day of pre-school!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Gia and Audriana 4 of 6
    Gia and Audriana
    Since when did Gia become such a knock-out? I don't think I've ever seen a more gorgeous picture of her!
    Photo via Twitter
  • Cousins 5 of 6
    The Giudice girls with their cousins... is anyone missing here?
    Photo via Twitter
  • Soccer Gals 6 of 6
    Soccer Gals
    Because soccer and Italians go together like meatballs and pasta, there is no doubt that these two kick butt on the soccer field!
    Photo via Twitter

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