The Real Housewives of Orange County Wild Child


65610Oh, to be nineteen.  It’s an age where you do crazy stuff …like indulging in the national pastime of underage drinking. The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin has her very own rebellious 19-year-old daughter named Raquel. She has been depicted on the show as a “wild child,” trying to get her drink on whenever she can.   And apparently, some of her antics wear caught by the camera. The National Enquirer got their mitts on some photos of Raquel downing Vodka, posing “seductively in skimpy clothing,” and kissing a girl.

A pal said of her boozing, “Even though Raquel is under age and can’t legally drink, that doesn’t stop her. She’ll drink almost anything you put in front of her, but she prefers Grey Goose vodka and champagne.” They also added, “And she isn’t shy about showing off her body. She’s usually the first one to start taking off her clothes after a few drinks. One time she stripped down to her G-string and bar patrons drank shots off her body.”

Should she be grounded?