The Real Reason For Whitney Houston's Last Doctor Visit?

Whitney Houston's Last Doctor's Visit

Days before Whitney Houston’s death she was spotted going to the doctor’s office, not once but three times. There has been speculation on why she was seeking medical attention:

a) She was pregnant.
Her tummy had been a bit rounded of late and some jumped to the conclusion that is was a baby bump rather than just a regular weight gain or the consequences of doing drugs and drinking.

b) That she wanted drugs.
The other assumption was that she was looking for a ‘Dr. Feelgood’ and was on the search for more prescriptions.

But it turns out neither of those theories are true. Why did the pop star go to the doctor’s?

According to TMZ Whitney, while recording a song for her upcoming film Sparkle, developed a sore throat. She went to the doctor to have it checked out and was prescribed Amoxicillin. She also went to the dentist to get her teeth whitened, she was to appear in a commercial for her sister-in-law’s candle line and wanted to show off her pearly whites.

But looking for drugs or caring for a bun in the over? Both of those rumors have been proven false.