The Real Reason Usher and Tameka Split



Rumor is that Usher is requesting a DNA test for his younger son. Did Tameka step out before their split and have another man’s baby and try to pass it off as Usher’s? That would be such bad form!

Usher apparently believes that Tameka was cheating on him during the time of conception. He feels he was gone way too of the time anyway. I guess he would know.

What happens if the DNA test proves that the little boy isn’t his? Is he going to ignore him and hope that he goes away? He’s going to have to pay child support anyway for the older son so maybe he should throw in a little extra for the baby.

If the baby isn’t his, does Tameka know who the daddy is?

P.S. If you are with Usher and he treats you well and looks like that, why do you cheat?

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