The Reason Reggie Bush Won't Marry Kim Kardashian: His Mom


For those hoping that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian get back together and eventually tie the knot — you might want to take it up with his mother. Apparently Reggies’s mom has been against the union from the very beginning, and he would not defy his mother’s wishes.  So why is she so against her son being with Kim?

“His mother does not want her son dating someone who has a sex tape out there,” a source told Radar Online. “He is such a mamma’s boy; he will never marry her because she would disown him.” (I guess we can scratch Kendra Wilkinson, Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson off his potential wife list as well.)

The source continues: “He respects his mother’s opinion and would take that into account before even his own feelings, so he will never marry Kim.”

And apparently his feelings don’t include being in love with Kim. “Kim is the one who is in love with Reggie,” but the feeling isn’t mutual, partly because of Kim’s Hollywood persona that Reggie doesn’t think fits into his life in sports.

Something tells me Kim will find someone who doesn’t mind her explicit tape or her Hollywood lifestyle. And whose mom doesn’t either.