The Royal Wedding Is Over: Let the Royal Baby Bump Watch Begin!

royal wedding
Kate Middleton Bump Watch Begins

Prince William and Princess Kate are finally husband and wife!  Let the royal baby bump watch commence!!

Now that the Royal Wedding is behind them, the royal couple gets to move forward with their lives as a married couple.  The obvious next step for a couple of nearly 30-somethings is the pitter patter of little feet!  

I know that they have barely made their way back down the aisle, but once the parties end today the world be on watch for the first glimpse of a baby bump on Kate.  For just about every young married couple, the baby speculation starts after the vows are exchanged and don’t end until the birth of the first child. 

For William and Kate, the speculation started even before they walked down the aisle on the timing of their first child.  It was announced that his own mother, Princess Diana, was expecting baby Will just four months after her own wedding.  We wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear some baby news from the couple before the end of the year. 

How long do you think it will be before we hear a baby announcement from the royal couple?

Photo: Pacific Coast News