The Saints Drew Brees is a Winner in Football and Fatherhood


Drew Brees

At the Saints vs Vikings season opener, The Saints came back to win their first game of the season 14 to the Vikings 9. The team was triumphant with their Quarterback Drew Brees leading the battle. And Drew Brees, although not a native son of New Orleans, has been adopted by the city that he loves and has made his home.

One of the most iconic images of their outstanding Superbowl 2010 win was Drew- with tears in his eyes – holding up his one-year-old son Baylon. His son, oblivious to the the meaning of the moment, was far more interested in the snowflake like confetti that fell from the sky.

Drew talked to Matt Lauer on the Today show about that special moment in time saying one that he’s looking forward with sharing with his son when he’s older. He said he’d share with him that is “was such a special moment having him in may arms, having just a difference he made in my life.” This is when we all say “awwww,” followed by a round of Who Dat!

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