The Sing Off – The Whiffenpoofs Take On Haven't Met You Yet (Video)


sing off whiffenpoofsThe Sing Off carried on in fine form for the second night of the seasonal singing competition.  The Whiffenpoofs from Yale (and the Gilmore Girls) showed up to play tonight with a killer performance of the Michael Buble hit “Haven’t Met You Yet” which showed off the group’s unique performance style.

Watch The Whiffenpoofs perform Haven’t Met You Yet….

The Whiffenpoofs turned in their tuxes with tails and white gloves for a more ‘casual’ look of matching suits with blue ties to jazz out to the Michael Buble hit.  It’s the guys quirky personalities that make the group fun to watch and groove down with.   Since they are the original group that invented acapella (they told us so in the premiere episode) they’ve got their gig down pat.   The poofs seemed a bit stiff compared to the rest of the competition and were set packing on the second half of tonight’s episode. 

What did you think of The Whiffenpoofs version of Haven’t Met You Yet?