The Sing Off: Watch The Sing Off Season 2 Premiere Online

the sing off nick lachey
Watch The Sing Off Premiere Online With Host Nick Lachey

The Sing Off Season 2 premiered tonight at 8:00pm on NBC with a new crowd of hopeful singers hoping to be the next big thing. You can watch The Sing Off Season 2 Premiere Online in case you missed it on NBC.

The Sing Off is hosted by newly engaged Nick Lachey, and is a Glee-style singing competition in which singers compete in groups against each other. They sing acapella and put their talents to the test.

In true Glee style, the singers on The Sing Off do “mashups” and remixes of current popular songs. The winning group will receive a music contract from Sony and $100,000.

And if that wasn’t enough, a group who competed on The Sing Off last season, The Beezlebubs, even made a guest appearance on Glee!

Did you watch The Sing Off season 2 premiere tonight?