The Situation, Justin Bieber Never Say Never Trailer (Video)

Justin Bieber The Situation never say never movie trailer video
Justin Bieber and The Situation in Never Say Never Ad

Watch as The Situation helps out Justin Bieber with this new Never Say Never trailer/ad (video).

Like Justin Bieber needs help getting people to see his movie!

Still, it’s fun to see Professor Situation tell of the finer points of seeing a Justin Bieber movie to get you in the Situation Zone.

The Situation (Mike Sorrentino) says, “I’m professor Situation” and then gets into his “guide to pimping” for Never Say Never.

“Where is the situation zone? It’s in the back of the movie theater!” according to The Situation.

Justin Bieber appears at the end of the ad: “I’m Justin Bieber, and you just graduated.”