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The Talk Boycott: Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete Off the Show, Viewers Tune Out

By WendyM |

the talk boycott leah remini holly robinson peete

The Talk boycott Facebook campaign

The Talk season 2 premiere aired today – but without moms Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete, who were both fired from the daytime talker.

Looks like a boycott of The Talk is underway, as a Facebook campaign urging viewers to tune out and unlike The Talk Facebook page is underway.

Will The Talk be canceled? Is it any competition for The View?

Rumors that Kate Gosselin is joining The Talk as a co-host aren’t doing the show any favors either.

In short, The Talk fans are walking now that Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were shown the door.

Head on over to The Talk Facebook page and you’ll see plenty of complaints about the season 2 premiere, especially because there was no mention of Leah and Holly leaving the show!

The other major complaint… The Talk is boring now!

On the Boycott The Talk Facebook page, comments included: “I’m Told Today That Before They Went On The Air “Live”, The Studio Audience Booed When They Were Told That Leah And Holly Are Not Coming Back.”

Another former fan commented, “WOW, all I can say is YUCK! Sheryl Underwood was HORRIBLE! I can’t believe they would make such a dumb move. I want Leah & Holly back!! Needless to say, I won’t be watching anymore, especially after the jokes about suicide.”

Have you stopped watching The Talk?

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154 thoughts on “The Talk Boycott: Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete Off the Show, Viewers Tune Out

  1. Judy says:

    Only watched a portion of the show today, it was boring. Will not watch anymore. Why fire the 2 best people on a show!!!

  2. Robyn says:

    YES! I loved “The Talk” but the whole reason I would tune every day was to see what funny things Holly and Leah would say. Now that they’re gone, that show WILL crash and burn. Honestly, this is SO like CBS… They always miss the mark on TV shows. Who watches all those lame shows? Aren’t they already on the bottom of the list of networks for ratings??? I’m beginning to think that they LIKE being on the bottom of that ratings list. Otherwise why would they commit show-a-cide and get rid of the best two hosts???

  3. Jen says:

    Get rid of Leah Remini?? Are they crazy?? Get rid of Julie!! I won’t be watching any longer

  4. Brenda says:

    Yes, Will not watch it, saw a clip, it was awkward and boring, it was also tasteless to go on with out any mention of the their cast mates and “friends” it showed the true colors of Sara and Julie, really tacky.

  5. Lillian Zee says:

    Watched the Talk Show today – didn’t know that Leah and Holly were fired.
    I shut it off – it was terrible.

    Put the X on that show -

    What was the reason for the firing – understand Julie Chen is a dictator.
    Looks like it was true.

  6. laura himm says:

    OMG what is wrong with these networks! The” women” on the Talk were what made it one of the Best shows on Daytime~~~~~ All 5 of them!!!
    Without Leah & Holly it will not be successful…..I had no clue about this until I tuned in today and not one word was mentioned about either one…What a thank-less network ! How can they not care about their cast mates by simply ignoring the issue..Take a stand be honest tell the public why you made this awkward decision…
    I won’t be tuning in…and that leaves The View….NOT!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Bad decision on The Talk!!!! They didn’t even address the issue of Leah and Holly not being there. Not Cool!!!! Huge fan of Leah. She made the show real. All five worked well together, not so much with this Underwood person (boring). Molly Shannon doesn’t work so well either!! Why is CBS taking all the good off the air. They are making everyone turn to the other networks. Not sure who is making these dumb decisions. They certainly are not talking to the viewers!!! BTW, Kris Jenner will not work on this show either. She needs to stay on her reality show. Bad Move!!

  8. Marcyeb says:

    Without leah and Holly, I will not be wasting my time watching ‘the talk’. Leah was a breath of fresh air, and I think the whole casts are working well. Not a great move – I think it will be cancelled, as the replacements are so-so…..
    What a stupid mistake!!!!! You have removed 2 of the best 4 hostesses !!!!!!!

  9. Betty R says:

    Can not believe that Leah and Holly are not returning to The Talk and it was not even mentioned on the show today. No reason given. That ends my watching of the show. Is a waste of air time with those girls gone.

  10. Andy says:

    Shame on them! First they let 2 of the best ones go and then they don’t even mention it. It was so awkward and dumb today. Selfish and greedy decisions. Leah and Holly bring a rip-off show to top ratings and they dump them and think they are going to have cliches make it better. LOL.

  11. Debbie from Washington State says:

    What in the… The reason I started watching the show IS BECAUSE of Leah! Shes outgoing, funny as H**L and says things most of us woman are thinking! I agree…CBS should have addressed the issue of them not being there. I know people have a hard time with change, but seriously CBS, you messed this one up big time!! Time will tell.

  12. Amy B says:

    Tried watching today and quickly changed the channel. The dynamic is gone and Sharon should abandon ship ASAP cause it’s going to sink at this rate. Kris Jenner? Kate Gosselin? Are you kidding me?! Let’s see how that works out for you, CBS.

  13. Ginny B.Sweezy says:

    I really enjoyed the show–Leah and Holly were the best of the four—the show is not the same without them —they are such fun loving people and wonderful Mothers—I also think that their Mom’s are super and I enjoyed them being there as guests almost every day—I am really sad that this has happened.I was really looking forward to the new season —I don’t know that I will continue watching the show—it has lost it’s appeal and it is just not the same.gbs

  14. Brenda says:

    I agree, they werent mentioned at all today, they should start there own show i would watch it

  15. LINDA says:

    The talk is definitely off my list. the season 2 premiere was BORING!!! CBS purposely waited til last minute to mention Leah and Holly not returning. Kris Jenner or Kate Gosselin are sure to get the show cancelled. Julie Chen will be only original one since hubby is CBS CEO!!!!

  16. gladys rios says:

    I will NOT be watching this show!!!!! They destroyed a good thing!!! Really dumb move CBS!!!

  17. anon says:

    I couldn’t even bear to watch 5 minutes of the show yesterday!!!! Leah, and Holly and Sharon made the show!!!!!!!! They might as well cancel it!!! Because no one will watch it now!!!

  18. Cynthia says:

    Shame on Julie Chen an her husband. Leah,Holly and Sharon were the show.
    They hated it. Julie thinks she is a news reported so when she was gone the girls should not talk about the news. Really all I will say Big Brother. Really!
    Shame on CBS but not a surprise.. Will never watch again. Hope Sharon leaves to.

  19. Dottie from West Islip says:

    I am so angry right now. Yesterday’s show was an embarassment Julie. Who the hell was that comedianne who thought making a joke about suicide was so funny. Some thing you just don’t joke about. I even turned the show off. You had a good thing going Julie. Just like on Big Brother Julie you made a big mistake by voting two of the most powerful players off and its going to come back to bite you in the a.. I for one have taken the show off my DVR. Kate
    Gosslin? Give me a break. She is enough to drive anyone crazy. Have you seen her last couple of shows on TV about her trip with “friends” in an RV. How annoying. Well good luck Julie, you had a good thing going but not anymore.

  20. Megan says:

    I DVR’ed the opening of season 2 and quickly deleted it off my DVR. I love Jennifer Love Hewit so I fastforwarded to her interview and I agree that was even awkward. The dynamics of the show is gone, they are not sure of what to ask or say, and the “reality” brought to topics is gone. Underwood was mistake and I hate to say that about someone but she added no value. It’s as if they scrambled in the end to find someone quickly. I thought it was rude of them to interview the SNL chick about all of her stuff and didn’t say a thing to Underwood about her career and welcoming her on. Does anyone know the reason Leah and Holly were let go? I actually am a The View fan but began watching The Talk because I was told it was good….now…not so much. I won’t be watching again. I do think it will be cancelled after this season.

  21. Rita says:


  22. Bon says:

    I was hoping that all the rumors were not true. But they were! Watched for 5 min. yesterday evening turned it off – took it off my record list and unliked it on facebook. Really Julie? over the news? You…. a reality sh** show host! I find your reason for axing Leah and Hollie as revolting as I find BIG BROTHER.

  23. Jillian says:

    I for one will not be watching The Talk anymore. What, is CBS crazy???? That show is nothing without Holly and Leah. The four cohosts seemed to have a great connection and they were all funny together, now this show will be very boring, and I am not wasting my time watching.

  24. sheri cordary says:

    Without Leah and Holly The Talk will no longer be one of my very favorite shows in daytime. The interaction between the original group was fun and wonderful, I’m sorry to say without the original cast I will no longer watch. To bad, it WAS great.

  25. Melissa says:

    No Leah. No me. I agree with all of you yesterdays show was weird without Leah and Holly. I feel sorry for Sarah she seemed last. I hope it gets canceled. But then again Big Brother is still on w/ Julie I guess you have to sleep with the right person. Now I am stuck w/ Swift Justice w/ Nancy Grace (i don’t have cable) hopefully something better is on @ 2:30.

  26. de says:

    I am so sad about Holly and Leah. I will not watch. CBS is crazy for letting those 2 go. So Sad…. The replacements will not be as funny. Sorry, you lost a fan of The Talk.

  27. Donna Cotton-Cornelius says:

    You have got to be kidding! Let me see if I got this right….CBS gets rid of the two best and leaves the least! Makes perfect sense????!!! Won’t be watching…Good luck, CBS…sounds like you just shot yourself in the foot.

  28. Barbara Herbel says:

    I fell in love with The Talk the very first day and almost forgave CBS for removing As the World Turns & Guiding Light. I thought that was such a stupid move and now they have topped that by removing the two hosts who carried the whole show. I loved the way all five worked together but Leah and Holly were just so funny, don’t know how many days I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard. I watched 15 minutes of first show and swithced to HGTV reruns. Can’t see this show making a go of it and suppose they will come up with another idiotic game show where people make absolute fools of themselves. I will no longer watch & have unliked The Talk and will no longer record it. Just proves the powers that be don’t give a hoot about their audience.

  29. kathy says:

    It felt good just now to tune in to The Talk and then point my remote at the t.v. and change the channel. I am so disappointed in the way CBS has handled this situation, both in letting Leah and Holly go and to just ignore us, the viewers. I can’t wait for Anderson Cooper’s new show.

  30. ellie says:


  31. Debbie says:

    Add me to the list. The Talk is off my DVR list!

  32. Jennifer Cartwright says:

    So excited that the show was back on. Tehn I watched the show yesterday and was surprised that no one said why Leah and Holly weren’t there that day. Because usually they do! So was was ver disappointed to find out where they were. The show is called the talk, if there were some problems with Leah and Holly why did’nt you all sit down and have a “talk”. I don’t think I will watch after this. Those two brought so much to the show. I liked all five of the ladies, and thought that they liked each other. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  33. Ronda Iliff says:

    Big mistake!!! You got renewed midseason, why do you think that was! Because you had a huge fan base who loved the show! All you have great chemistry together. You were a team and you were winning as a team. You let go two of your your best players, now you are a losing team. Julie, this show was not about you, it was about all of you together. I like Julie, Sharon and Sara, but not by themselves. It was the whole thing. Kris Jenner, and Kate Gosselin are in it for fame. Kate is losing her show, and Kris feels slighted because her kids are garnering all the attention. Why else would she want to change her name back to Kardashian. There is no I in team. You had the number one team going, with a huge fan base, but you messed it up. For what? There was no reason to replace a good thing!!

  34. Patricia says:

    No, will not be watching anymore. What a HUGE disappointment! The show jumped the shark already!

  35. oudshoff says:

    I can not believe that Holly and Leah are gone!!!!. Watched every day, left the “View” as it got boring and every one talking over each other, now you ruined “The Talk”. Who thought this BIG mistake up????/ Julie, did you do this?? I thought so much better of you!!! The 5 of you were such a team, had great chemestry and was a fun show. The 2 new ones are not at all what the show needs. Wont be watching if Holly and Leah don’t come back. CBS messed up big time.

  36. Laurie Small says:

    What was the reason they were let go?

  37. judy says:


  38. Ivy says:

    I think people need to take it easy no one really knows what happened. The two ladies Ms. Underwood and Ms. Shannon there are just there to fill in give them a chance. Unfortunatelly things like this happen all the time. I hope Holly and Leah can return but we just have to wait. We see that all the time at The View and people still watch it. I wish them the best.

  39. amber says:

    yep, i’m not normally a talk show watcher but this one i enjoyed and now i will make sure not to watch it! it is boring and lame and a waste of time. cbs better make ammends quick or this one will be gone before the end of the season! (at least i hope!!)

  40. lisa qualset says:

    The talk had a real chance of making it BEFORE they let Leah and Holly go. It is obvious the only reason Julie is on there is because of her husband ( The shows boss) and Sarah is there still because SHE is the one who thought of the show..she is boring though..and Sharon is there because Well she IS sharon Osbourne so Who would fire her and get away with it. It was just plain WRONG to not even address the sudden change to its loyal viewers, We want to know WHY??? Have some guts and make a public statement. Lisa Qualset.

  41. sandi Aho says:

    I sent CBS my comment on this but will give my opinion again. Getting rid of Holly and Leah was a HUGE MISTAKE. They made the show fun and interesting. CBS producers are so stupid! NOW the show will be another dull Talk show that will deteriorate fast. Shame on the PRODUCERS and the main person running CBS.
    I use to brag to people about how great the TALK was. NOT anymore. IT is now the worst!

  42. Dotty says:

    Leah was the heart of the show. Holly lost me when she talked of sucking boogers out of her children’s noses when they were babies. But still liked her better than Julie. I won’t waste time watching this show anymore. So sad that CBS can’t make better decisions. I watched it today and it was totally dull.

  43. Janie says:

    Julie Chen is a typical mean girl, only she is a woman now. Remember in the movie Mean Girls how they hate people that are more popular than they are. Look up serial bully and you will understand Ms. Chen. She is a very vicious person that pretends to be so sweet and nice. I feel sorry for her hubby who is the CBS CEO. Remember she got rid of all the people that were more popular than her on the CBS Morning Show. Ms. Chen s needs a therapist. What a sick person…………………..

  44. jenn says:

    This is a travesty I tell you….so CBS is seriously going to fire the two best co-host on the show. I will not be tuning in EVER again. The new co-host have not improved the show but did the opposite. I’m GONE….What are you guys thinking? Just stupid….signed one lost viewer…

  45. MLITTLE says:

    I so agree with the previous comments! I so looked forward to 2:00 and watching The Talk. I loved to see what Leah and Holly were going to say or do. Without those two it is not the same show. I was really disappointed they did not even mention Leah and Holly at all on their 2nd season opener. That was really wrong! Leah and Holly were there every day during the first season, and both deserved alot more respect. I will not be watching it anymore and just hope another network will give Leah and Holly their own talk show, that I will be watching!!!

  46. Gi says:

    Can’t believe Holly and Leah are no longer on the Talk. They were the reason I watched the show. I will no longer watch…On Sept 6 and 7 the show was so boring without Leah and Holly. What is CBS doing..bring back Leah and Holly now!

  47. Gil Alan says:

    I always knew there was something about that Julie Chan that I did not like and couldn’t quite put my finger on it… However, I tolerated her because of the rest of the cast. Holly, Leah, and Sharon brought something fresh to the talk show format. Sarahk, the baby of the group, brought some innocense to the table. Shame on you, Julie, and shame on your husband, too. I am certain it was your doing.

  48. Tasha Geyer says:

    I can’t believe Leah and Holly are off the show , you for sure lost a viewer here,will NEVER watch again. I also agree the jokes abouy suicide were not funny at all. I hope Leah and Holly get a show of their own. I think they were the reason most people watched.

  49. AniG says:

    Won’t be watching THE TALK the next season. Terrible choices to replace LEAH and HOLLY. LEAH was the heart and soul of this show! Mrs. O, they’ve left you to run the show. Good luck to Leah and Holly. Miss them!

  50. Clara says:

    The Talk is on now, I heard them say Nick Cannon will be on the show and they would also talk about Madonna and how she does not like a certain flower, as much as I love Nick Cannon and Madonna, I turned the channel because they took away HOLLY — WHY WHY WHY? She is such a poised person, she is someone I have watched since 21 Jump Street when she was on there. Leah is so funny, just love her too, she would make the show so funny and -dang it, can’t believe such a decision was made. If Julie was really a part of it, Shame on her or who ever fired them. SHAME SHAME SHAME, shame on you all for that CBS…

  51. Jennifer Cartwright says:

    Didn’t like show after waiting for it to come back on.

  52. nancy says:

    really could not believe that they would take the two funniest and real people off the show. talk about self absorbed, shame on you julie chen and your husband.

  53. Sandra Culton says:

    I will no longer be watching The Talk, as my 2 favorate people are gone. The one that they should get rid of is Julie. I hope to see Holly and Leah in another show and I would definately watch it.

  54. nancy marsahll says:

    shame on you and your husband julie for taking the two funniest host off the show. the only reason i wached besides sara. why don’t you stand up sara?won’t watch unless you bring them back.

  55. Karen S. says:

    BYE BYE! This will be the last season of The Talk I predict. How could they change such perfect chemistry? Was Julie Chen threatened by their talent and quick wit? I will tune out. Too bad. A good time slot and a funny laugh out loud show…no more. Molly Shannon? Come on. Good luck to Leah and Holly. What a dirty deal!

  56. Becky says:

    Have just watched The Talk for the last time? No Leah No Holly?! Done.

  57. Judy says:

    I agree with most everybodies opinions on this subject.When I discovered the Talk last year I turned family and friends on to it too, we all loved it. The dynamic of these particular 5 women was very fun to watch. The topics so good and so funny. What Leah brought to the table was fabulous. The play between her and Sarah was so enjoyable and very funny. I love Mrs O, she is one of a kind in so many ways and Holly was interesting and funny to, enjoyed her sharing of her sons autism. We all are so disappointed in Leah and Holly’s departure. Just can’t believe this tragic turn of events……………we just can’t believe it….very sincerely

  58. grace says:

    I cant believe they said nothing about the absence of Holly and Leah..Im done with the show..Julie and her ego arent keeping anyone interested in watching.
    Leah and Holly were the perfect mix now its not worth watching…Bad Move Julie

  59. S.West says:

    I watched the season debut of “The Talk” yesterday with two new people. I now know what people mean when they say it was like watching a train wreck. I couldn’t believe it was that bad so I tuned in again today just to check it out. After 10 minutes I took it off my dvr recorder setting and found a new show to watch. I can’t believe that CBS would do this. I could have understood taking Julie Chen or Sara Gilbert off because they are boring but why would you take the best part of the show off. Remini and Peete were the best part of this show. CBS wake up!!! You screwed up big time.

  60. Nat says:

    Removed The Talk from my DVR. Will never watch again and I don’t even miss it. I can’t stand the Chenbot! She projects this perfect life, but she’s really a husband stealing b!tch.

  61. Deb max says:

    Getting rid of Leah?.. Big mistake it has been removed from my dvr.
    I hope everyone else stops watching and it gets cancelled…what’s up with not even acknowledging where the other two hosts are???? Just because Connie is married to Les doesn’t mean the show should have her on it!

  62. Deidra says:

    Sooooooooo disappointed!!!!! Their chemestry was amazing & so much like hanging out with your girlfriends. Leah & Holly really did make the show (so down to earth). I was curious where they were for the season opener, but today I investigated & here I am voicing my sadness. After signing off here will go & delete the show from my dvr, no reason to watch. BIG mistake CBS

  63. Elle says:

    I briefly watched The Talk today before I google’d and found out Holly and Leah were fired. Ms. Chen never mentioned it today and the show sucked! I am absolutely mystified why CBS took off Holly and Leah.They are without a doubt the funniest part of the show. …and this show was the absolute highlight of my day. I took a late lunch every day just so I could come home and watch it (instead of dvr-ing it). I thought all of the ladies seemed to get along so well together. The Talk has now become like the show Designing Women without Delta Burke. The show just doesn’t work, without Holly and Leah and I have no intention of giving my support to this sinking Titanic. I am absolutely disgusted!!!! It is my understanding that Ms. Chen is involved and is a bit of a JELLY-BELLY. Apparently she gets jealous and doesn’t like it when she is not the CENTER of attention (I am sure her sisters have stories). My suggestion is that she see a therapist. I encourage all of “The Talk” viewers to also abandon this ship and while you are at it take it one step further and BOYCOTT that ridiculous (should have been gone 17 seasons ago) Big Brother whose host is Julie Chen. To the alleged replacements: Sheryl Underwood and Molly Shannon I would not want to be you for all of the tea in china.Of the small part I watched today, the two of you on this show are like the state of Texas right now;DRY,DRY, DROUGHT DRY. People may like you independent of the talk but you have now attached yourself to a show that has a lot of negativity. The viewers have drawn a line in the sand and you two are on the wrong side. To the potential co-host Kate Gosselin and Kris Jenner don’t even think about it. The supporters that do have will become turn coats to you. To Mrs. “O” we love you lady and I wish you luck but I hope you abandon this ship too, cause its going down. To sarah, I like you as a person but you are very boring and if anyone should have been axed, unfortunately it should have been you. I know you created or came up with the show but that doesnt mean you should be a co-host on it…sorry Love. Needless to say, I will now take my lunch at 11;00 and start back watching The View. the original women of daytime television. To the tv darlings Leah and Holly if any of the networks (Oprah) have good sense they will create a show for the two of you because you two are funny as hells and the show would be a goldmine. You will be missed.

  64. sara gordon says:

    I have stopped watching The Talk as of today-the replacing Leah and Holly with that Sheryl Underwood is a bad mistake-she is terrible-what were you thinking-you had an entertaining and informative show that is now a disgrace-she does not speak proper english and every other word out of her mouth is–you know–What have you done-you have lost most of your educated viewers;

  65. Lin Western says:

    I will not watch The Talk until Leah & Holly are back. They made the show. With out them the show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Nicole , 26 says:

    I loved the talk with Leah And Holly that is what brought me and my friends to watch
    everyday. We never missed a show until now and it’s sad. I stopped watching the view because of the fighting and tension now I won’t be tuning in to CBS at all for the shows anymore. I don’t want to get into a show then they drastically change it on me. My whole family is upset , family of ten women who will not be tuning in.

  67. Migdalia Ramirez says:

    Are you kidding me? You had such a great 1st year. You messed up a great line up of smart woman. Just admit your wrong, apologize and give them a big raise. Please bring back Leah and Holly or I will only see you when I feel like it. And if and when I do watch The Talk (without them) I will make sure NOT to purchase anything you sponsor in that hour.

  68. Helena says:

    Truly unbelievable that the 2 people who made The Talk an interesting show are gone! When the show was first announced and I heard that Leah Remini was a co-host, I knew I definitely wanted to watch. After seeing her character on King of Queens I figured that her persona was much like Carries. I didn’t know much about Holly but sure grew to like her sense of humor. How these two women must feel knowing they were stabbed in the back by their so called “friend” Julie Chen. On another note Julie made fun of a Hispanic news reporter on how she pronounced her surname and said she hated reporters emphasing their minority surnames! Why should anyone feel guilty about being proud of their heritage and how they pronounce their surnames? Julie Chen you have a lot of room to talk. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Aren’t you in the minority and haven’t your people suffered indifferences. So much for understanding on your part. Well as far as I’m concerned the two best co-hosts are gone and so am I. I too hope that Holly and Leah get their own success and if not that then the best to both of them in whatever they decide to do. I suppose of the CSI shows pull out of CBS there will be no need for the network!

  69. jana says:

    I will not be watching The Talk if Holly and Leah are not on the show. I turned off the show after 5 minutes of watching with the new ??? hosts.

  70. Nona says:

    I AM SICK ! Last night I was watching my dvr’d “The Talk” for Tuesday and Wednesday. I was so excited to see the start of the new season with my favorite ladies Leah and Holly (sometimes Sarah) and Sharon. Much to my surprise Leah and Holly were not on and there was no mention of them. I thought, there’s no way they are no longer on the show? Then I backtracked to see the beginning of the show and their photos were not part of the intruduction. I came into work this morning a google The Talk and learn that they were fired. Truly I don’t pay attention to hollywood gossip, so I don’t really know what happened. But I can tell you from my observations, that it looks to me that Julie and her producer (or whatever he is) husband couldn’t take the limelight being on Leah and Holly. I’m surprised they didn’t fire Mrs. O… she too takes the attention off of Julie. I stopped watching the View because of all the fighting and political talk that goes on. The Talk was hysterical the highlight of my day. I will NEVER watch the show again. Holly and Leah, there is something much better for you out there. Hold your heads up high………. you did a great job, you’re both honestly outspoken but in a very funny way. I wish you both the best and know you are successful women wherever you go.

  71. Gayle McKnight says:

    I cannot believe that Holly will not be on this show. Leah ok maybe. But the people who replaced there are nothing. If Kate comes on I for one will NOT WATCH. In her own words on her show she is a bitch. What the heck were you thinking. I loved the talk because unlike other shows you talked about rreal stuff. GET A GRIP.

  72. Joe says:

    The second humongous bad decision in two years. First, you take off the best morning show hosts on TV in Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, etal, and now
    you fire Leah and Holly? Why? They are so down to earth and spontaneous.
    CBS board of directors, where are you and why are you sitting on your brains
    and allowing this to happen?

  73. Pam B says:

    So sorry to see Leah and Holly not on The Talk. I will not be watching anymore
    as well as many others. CBS had a great thing going and once again wanted to fix something that did not need fixing. The Talk was so different from all the
    other talk shows and was just fine the way it was. Maybe the CBS producers
    should have considered the viewers for once.

  74. Ada mount pocono, pa says:

    I stopped my DVR from recording since we had it set to record everyday in case we missed it.

    I still can’t believe that CBS, Julie Chen and her husband would destroy a perfect show by removing the two women Leah and Holly who made the show what it was! Why in heavens name would someone do that???????

    And, those terrible replacements they had on the season opener, there is NOTHING funny about suicide. Why would that woman say that?? Why didn’t Julie stop her??? What happened to all of Julie’s journalistic ability?

    I think Mr.Moonves (didn’t know how to spell his name, however he deserves no respect anyway) made a tragic mistake and Julie asked him to do it. How sad that she can be such a jealous witch!

    Well goodbye, because I join the many, many fans who will NOT watch anymore.

  75. Nichelle Gianes says:

    One of the reason I watch The Talk is because of Holly and Leah.They had so much to offer to the show….BAD MOVE….. for CBS I for one will not tune in anymore as of today.I’m SAD

  76. susan says:

    I have to agree with everyone else. The 2 new replacemnets are horrible. Not funny, not even attractive. And Sarah, she is boring and is always being politically correct about everything. She was the one I didn’t like from the beginning. CBS, you messed up a good thing. I won’t bother to tune in for this train wreck anymore.

  77. sassy says:

    I can’t believe they fired Leah and Holly . What a dumb move CBS, Leah and Holly made the show fun an without them I won’t be watching anymore. Be smart CBS BRING LEAH AND HOLLY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. pat chow says:

    Please don`t put kris Jenner and Kate Gosselin on this show,you should have left it the way it was with Holly and Leah! I will not watch it again Bad move!

  79. VIVA says:

    it will never be the same

  80. VIVA says:

    you know i told everyone about the talk, how great it was i enjoyed it everyday why do you people have to mess with things… i swear you cannot leave well enough 2 was my favorite station but i really do not approve of how you roll right down to the news….think of the people instead of your pockets……a very sad viewer

  81. Janet says:

    How could they get rid of the most entertaining two of the show ! I loved Leah and Holly. Reminded me of when my sisters and I when we all got together, and I have nine sisters. I dvr’d that show every day so I could watch when I woke up because I work night shift. I just don’t have the interest anymore, so disapointed and mad after the first five minutes . If these are the same producers of BIG BROTHER, that’s two shows they screwed up! I might continue to dvr so I can fast forward to the advertisements, make a list and not buy any of their products. Hope Leah and Holly start a talk show of their own.

  82. Sandra says:

    Are the networks crazy? They had a great show and now a flop I will not be watching The Talk anymore as the interaction of the ladies isen”t there anymore. Also the new ones aren”t near as funny as Leah and Holly What idiots to have changed this.

  83. Peggy says:

    The TALK is over for me. Leah & Holly made the show.
    I watched it again yesterday, for the 3rd time, just to see if I could get into it.
    It was the 911 show.. Julie, you are NOT the next Barbara Walters.
    Am very disappointed.. the show has no appeal to me any longer.
    Discussed at length in the office, everyone has the same opinion.
    Good bye TALK
    Leah & Holly.. we all hope that the 2 of you get your own show, on another NETWORK!

  84. janice hudson says:

    big mistake, i’m out

  85. Ronda Iliff says:

    When the I saw a piece about the Talk I was so excited!! It was in a magazine I was reading. Coming this fall a new talk show! Hosts are Leah Remini, Sara Gilbert Sharon Osborne Holly Robinson Peete and Julie Chen!! I woke up my husband and said hey guess what, there is a talk show I can watch…since I just had quit watching the View, because of Whoopi and Joy’s Walk Off. I sat ready for the first day, and I was so excited. I turned on my friends to it. I kept worrying, oh I hope Leah, Holly and Sara won’t get tired of having to come to work everyday and leave. I was so hooked from the beginning. I jumped for joy when in midseason it was announced it was picked up for a second season. I didn’t get my other wish, that the View was cancelled, but well, I knew the Talk could make it! They literally could be on the air for years, just like the View. I was super excited. Now, they ruined it. and for no reason. The ratings were high! The fan base was high. There was no controversy. Like I thought they should have not renewed Whoopi and Joy’s contracts, because of their antics, but no. They are still there. Fans loved the Talk the way it was. Why don’t you just cancel it now. It is obvious, that someone other than the fans do not like Holly and Leah, it was not their choice to leave. Shame on you. Put on your Big girl pants, and come back to the playground Julie. Say you are sorry, what is it we teach our children to share? Julie, what you need to do is share the success of the Talk with those who helped YOU be where you are. Its not that we don’t like the others. I love Sharon and Sara, but without the original cast, this show is not the same. It didn’t work when they replaced Darwin on Bewitched, Becky on Roseanne. Please bring them back!

  86. dvcgurl says:

    iam not watching anymore. they made the show worst because leah and holly were the show. they made it alive,ntresting,fun etc. tey should start there own show the holly,leah show. there reason i watch f having a bad day i can always laugh at the stuff they say or do. now there rating will go down. who wants to watch a boring show please dont waste my time with that.

  87. Felicia Tisdale says:

    The show was great because of the cast! Change the cast, change the greatness! To Holly and Leah, be strong and know that you were enjoyed, appreciated, payed attentioned to and were loved. I pray that you two get picked up for another program where you can shine like you do. Best wishes to you both. To the new Talk: Good Bye, it was nice while it lasted.

  88. Barbara says:

    I can’t believe they could fire the best two people on The talk. The show has lost it’s personality. Kris Jenner and Kate Gosslen are you kidding me….I have removed the Talk from my DVR – will not tune in again…unless they bring back Holly and Leah.

  89. jaybird369 says:

    Getting rid of Holly and (especially) Leah is the STUPIDEST thing that CBS has ever done!!! Also, Julie’s husband has no backbone and Julie herself is a hypocritical control freak who talks WAY TOO MUCH. Molly and (especially) Sheryl have no business being on The Talk. Molly bores me and the sound of Sheryl’s voice is BEYOND annoying. Holly and Leah, I’m gonna miss you both. Especially you, Leah!!! Bottom line: SHAME ON YOU, CBS!!!

  90. Mona says:

    Won’t be watching Julie and Sara. They are the two with the most boring personalities and they both act like they’ve got sticks up their you know whats—-They have sealed their fate, and I am so done with their decision. See ya, and certainly wouldn’t want to be ya!!

  91. Jan Perry says:

    What a mistake. I won’t be watching this dulls-ville show. Leah and Holly were the ones people wanted to watch. Sarah had a good idea in the show, but she’s as interesting as watching paint dry. And Sharon is so silly and acts half in the bag most of the time. Molly and Sheryl — BORING/ Julie Chenbot (Big Brother? Oh, c’mon–what imbecilic dreck) and her husband have really f*****up with these changes. Once again, CBS proves to be idiots in programming. Oh, and ain’t nepotism grand??????

  92. sassy says:

    You suck CBS. Leah and Holly made the show funny, an without them the show is boring. I will not be watching it anymore or any of your programs anymore. Be smart bring LEAH and HOLLY back !!!!!!!

  93. cyndi hoffman says:

    this show really sucks now and its only gonna get worse when they try to give everybody root canals or at least thats how it will feel when they add krappy err sorry i mean krissy jenner to the show ,glad i wont be there for the pain. hope they get what they deserve (CANCELLED) THEN WE CAN ALL POINT AND LAUGH ! cause they got what they wanted, the good people off the show ,so they wouldnt be in jeopardy of not looking as good as they think they are , the only problem is we already knew they werent as good as remini and peete but we put up with them to see remini and peete now we dont have to do that anymore i will find something else to watch

  94. wilma pickett says:

    will not watch the talk any longer, leah and holly made the show!!!!!

  95. carole says:

    I just learned that my girls Leah and Holly were off the talk I’m done and will re-set my dvr to days of our lives or that new show the chew. bye bye

  96. BizziB says:

    Another viewer gone here ~ Leah and Holly made this show. Julie Chen is so annoying! I will not watch again.

  97. Christina Horney says:

    I was a little upset about cbs taking a lot of daytimes soaps off so in place they put the talk show on. I have watch the whole season one and enjoyed it immensely. Leah and holly I have to say were the best hosts on the show they made it funny and keep the audience attention focus. they were the two women who spoke the truth and pored out thier hearts . They never held back. They were my favorites and thats why I watch it now that their gone its not the same. i dont see the show getting good rating now. Bring Them Back Please tina

  98. Sue says:

    I really enjoyed this show. Now that Leah and Holly are gone it is not fun to watch. They made me laugh. I’ve tried to watch but it is not fun anymore. Their fan base is going to leave and the show will canceled. BIG mistake CBS.

  99. Juanita says:

    Sadly, it’s not the same. I really tried to like Molly and Sheryl. But it’s not the same. Signed: Former Viewer and Fan of The Talk.

  100. Brenda LaDuke says:

    WTH I cann’t believe you are not bringing back Leah and Holly. You have made a big mistake letting them go. Shame on CBS and Julie Chen and her hubby ceo for stabbing your friends in the back and same goes for Sara Gilbert. VERY VERY VERY disappointed the show will not be the same without them and don’t like your new replacements. YOU SUCK FOR FIRING THEM, YOUR SHOW WILL BE CANCELED NOW. I heard no announcement of them leaving and was wondering where they were. BIG MISTAKE JULIE CHEN AND SARA U NEED TO GET THEM BACK.

  101. Gail G says:

    I was truly excited and see a new talk show on TV…..The talk….it was refreshing and I really liked the hosts…especially Leah and Holly. THESE TWO lovely,smart,witty and spontaneous personalities made the show.


  102. Diana says:

    I am shocked…could never stand julie chen…but watched because of Leah…not watching it anymore ever!!!!

  103. Cyndia says:

    What? Started the show with no mention of two fan favorites gone? Not watching The Talk after getting rid of Leah and Holly. Girls get a talk show together and teach CBS a lesson. Julie and Sara you are cowards.

  104. Melissa Wooton says:

    I just assummed they were on assignment or something! I love having Leah on there, I’m not watching it anymore!:(

  105. Paula Guertin says:

    Maybe we should write Oprah and see if the OWN network will pick up a talk show hosted by Holly and Leah.

  106. Rena says:

    I think its possible appearances and jealousy possible couldve had something to do with it..why julie just fire two of the best looking younger cohosts? Leah and holly brought alot of humor and entertainment..
    It something to think about. Compare them to the new cohosts.
    Im no watching anymore it sucks now thank god the view is still on. Leah was to the talk as whoopi to the view

  107. Debra Bierle says:

    I am beyond disappointed that Holly and Leah are no longer on The Talk. Those two brought so much to the show. I’m sorry to say I just don’t feel the same at all about Molly and Sheryl. Huge mistake to let Holly and Leah go. I cannot imagine what the reason could have been. No good reason, that’s for sure. I also am not interested in seeing Kris or Kate on the show either. A great show has been ruined!

  108. kris g says:

    as a mom to 2 under i found this show such a welcome and refreshing break. puts the kids down for naps at 2 and spend an hour cracking up. i even got my husband into it. although he could hardly stomach the chenbot. but now…ugh. the magic is gone. you will never get that dynamic back. you lost a fan.

  109. Angie says:

    Big Big Big Mistake….
    Although I believe Les & Julie dont care!!!!

    The Talk was so so so much Fun.I was happy to tune in and be with the girls that hour everyday.Most of the time they gave me the best laugh of the day.

    The show didnt even need Guest!!!! They could have talk the whole hr abt different topics and still been a GREAT show.

    I gave up the “View” cuz I couldnt deal with Elizabeth, Oprah ended her show, so the Talk had me… full fledge ,dedicated New Loyal viewer!!!
    I feel like Julie had me dupped,did she never really like the girls?
    It appeared that she too got lots of laughs from and with the girl…well I guess she was laughing at them(her knowing her future intentions for the show) instead of with them.
    Someone posted that the OWN network (oprah) should pick them up…oh that sounds so good I really really hope that happens


  110. cree sturm says:

    I have always loved Leah Remini!! That’s why I started watching The Talk!!…I also liked Holly Robinson Peete!!! CBS has made one big mistake!! I will not watch the show again if you have Kate G. on there!!

  111. Cindy says:

    Way to go CBS…you blew it!! Leah and Holly were the main reasons I watched The Talk. I USED to tape every episode, but now I don’t even care if I see it or not. It has most certainly been taken off my DVR recordings list! I wasn’t at all impressed with the shows this week. You lost one viewer; me.

  112. Letty says:

    VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Have tried watching without Leah and Holly and it just is not the same!!! I loved watching it everyday and would tell my friends about it….NOT anymore! Leah and Holly brought EVERYTHING to the show! They are so real….not fake! Sara had a great idea to create the show and Mrs. O adds spice, BUT Julie does nothing for me! I loved Holly and Leah”s fun loving ways and their sensitivity!! That show was dynamic…not anymore!!! I thought they were all good friends….what happened? I wish Leah and Holly all the BEST!! I believe they should have their own show…they would blow The Talk away! The Talks ratings are going to drop considerably! I do feel bad for Sara though, she does not deserve to lose what started out to be a great show! Has Julie fooled all of us into thinking she cared and liked Leah and Holly? Anyways, I would rather vacuum for that 1 hour than watch the current The Talk! Please Leah and Holly create another show together soon!!!

  113. Sandy says:

    Thank you CBS You just freed up space on my DVR

  114. Yvonne says:

    I will no longer watch The Talk without Holly & Leah. I guess Juli couldn’t stand that they were more popular than her. No chemistry now.

  115. Kelly says:

    Watched almost everyday last season. Stopped watching shortly after the beginning of this season. Leah and Holly made the show and they should not have been fired. It’s boring now and the dynamics are horrible.

  116. Diane Beeler says:

    I was looking forward to 2nd season and when I turned it on and NO LEAH and NO HOLLY on it but brought some black chick who was spose to be a comedian but she was crude and rude with her comments and no funny at all and then Molly Shannon (OMG from SNL)…she is as boring as SARAH Gilbert always has been – what is CBS THINKING axing 2 of their best co-hosts on THE TALK ????? I thought Julie Chen was ok the 1st season but NOT NOW, she is like another viewer said quite the A** concerning Leah & Holly and afterall it was also said “she sleeps with the CEO” so there you go – no one is going to ax her, now are they? As far as SHARON O. goes the 1st season she was bleeped alot for her potty mouth and what she always said about sex with Ozzy – OMG that made my stomach turn thinking about that information. So they keep SHARON on there who obviously has money issues due to her big announcement on season one of her tax evasion issues and how it was all over the news and she gave a very lame excuse about it BUT when SARAH G. was all over the news recently for her 11 yr long relationship with her lesbian lover NO ONE talked about that one and everyone read about it, why was that? Cause she thought up the show in the first place – she is so BORING!!!! I cancelled my DVR of THE TALK after the 1st new show of the season and when I found out WHY Holly & Leah were not sitting in their usual spots – NOPE no FAN of THE TALK anymore!!!!!!!! Unliked it too on FB….LEAH AND HOLLY made that show, I laughed, I cryed, I sympathized with whatever they were talking about. They are both beautiful, talented, intelligent women and they are definitely QUEENS of THE TALK and should NOW have their own show!!! Goodbye THE TALK, you have dug yourself into the ground CBS by firing the 2 best ppl that were ever on THE TALK!!!!!!

  117. ann says:

    I won’t be watching the talk anymore without Leah and Holly. I looked forward to them everyday. I do not like their replacements at all!!!

  118. Jean Pityinger says:

    The TALK stinks now! I will not be watching it if it remains the way it is now. I have stopped watching but will check in during the first part of each show to see if it’s changed back, for the better, if not I’ll go on to watch something else. The chemistry between Leah, Holly and the other women MADE the show what it was

  119. Carol says:

    Fan from day one but, NO MORE. Good job Sarah Gilbert,what goes around comes around.BORING!!!!!

  120. Teri says:

    Julie just thinks she’s all that and the reason they got fired cause they talked about Casey Anthony trial w/o Julie. Can you believe it???? What is going on, is this: Julie’s Talk, I thought they were all equal??? SORRY WON”T BE WATCHING NO MORE!!!!! MISS and LOVE you LEAH andHOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Divine Dawson says:

    I’m gone, the talk without Holly or Leah is no talk at all. I can not believe that CBS throw a rock in a good working machine. They better be prepared to fill the space with somthing else, this new talk is not going to last.

  122. Nettie says:

    I can’t believe CBS fired Holly and Leah. I was wondering why I had not seen them for a few days. You are so tacky. Julie you didn’t even mention them. I thought you were a great group of women together. Now it is dull. You made a hugh mistake. I guess you don’t care about ratings. I just found out today. My last time watching the rest of you boring women.The rest of you should count the days before your exit.

  123. Lori says:

    Tuned into “The Talk” again today to see if my favorite girls were finally back on the show…..thought maybe they extended their vacation and would return any day now. As I sat there extremely bored with the show, except for Mrs. “O” of course, I decided to google Leah and Holly to see if their return date was announced anywhere. Wow, are you kidding me???? Leah and Holly have not been asked to return???? Is the Moonves/Chen dictatorship that ruthless???? The very fact that the CBS representative responded to the question as to why they weren’t returning by stating that contracts don’t get renewed sometimes, clearly points to the fact that the real reason is too embarrassing to Chen. She didn’t like being out-shined, out-talented, out-entertaining and the fans’ least favorite. No more Talk for me!

  124. susiet says:

    I’ve tuned into the new season of “The Talk”, and thought possibly Leah & Holly were on vacation or something. I just found out that they were fired! This was one show that I liked & tuned into as regular as I could for a day time show. Now, well, I’ll not be taking my breaks at this time anymore. It was one thing I could look forward to on TV, and now that’s gone. I watched today because Josh was on. I enjoyed all of the girls together. At times Leah was a little over the top, but that was also part of her charm. Holly could be related to be Mom’s with younger children or those with autistic children. CBS, your new people aren’t very good. Sheryl is not funny and is aweful, Molly – she’s sweet and all, but just not a good replacement for Holly. I have never written in to on one of these before, but this move by CBS was bad. I like Julie, but we all know she’ll keep her jobs on CBS!

  125. bea says:

    watched the show today but did not like it ,I am no longer a fan

  126. Robin says:

    I have not watched The Talk since the first day of the new season. Even on that day, when I thought Leah and Holly were just on vacation, I didn’t watch but a few minutes because I couldn’t stand the lack of chemistry going on. I tried watching the next day and that’s when I found out Leah and Holly were fired, with no explanation to them and no explanation to us either. It’s TERRIBLE without those two funny ladies!! What a shame, it was a very good show too. Apparently SOMEONE’S ego is too big and that someone has big connections. Well, “pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall”… SOMEONE needs to tame that ego!

  127. jaybird369 says:

    Today, on 9/15/2011, I only watched The Talk for 2 reasons: (1) the ALWAYS WONDERFUL Valerie Harper (of whom I’ll ALWAYS be a huge fan of) was on there and (2) the wonderfully sassy Rachel Reilly stopped by (with her fiance’ Brendon) to share her joy about winning last night’s season of BIG BROTHER. CONGRATULATIONS, RACHEL!!! HOLLA!!! The rest of the episode STANK LIKE HELL!!! Molly is painfully mousy and Sheryl needs to have her annoying mouth washed out with a bar of soap or with a trip to a car wash. Or both!!! CBS, what is WRONG with ya’ll?!?!?!?!?! How could ya’ do this to all of us who love (and already miss) Holly and Leah??? I miss Leah especially! As for you, Julie Chen, you AIN’T ALL DAT!!! CBS, please get rid of Julie and her spineless husband and bring back Holly and Leah. Without Holly and Leah there, The Talk is DOOMED!!!

  128. Elle wants Holly & Leah back on t.v. says:

    Why did CBS take a perfectly good show and ruin it?? The person that should be fired is the one who made this lame brain decision to lose the best 2 co-hosts on the show! Without Leah & Holly, the show is not fun or entertaining any more. I am gonna watch Anderson now since it is on the same time in Los Angeles as The Boring Talk!!!! His show is much better and I encourage people to switch over to his show. Leah & Holly, we want you back on TV as soon as possible!! You ladies are the best!!!!

  129. Linda Robinson says:

    I too have eliminated this from viewing schedule. Leah and Holly were the show. I guess when you marry the boss you can get away with anything. Julie sure made it known who she was married to. I’m disappointed in Sara Gilbert. She and Leah were such good friends I thought.

    This show is headed for the tank! I wonder how this will effect Julie’s husbands career. For the worse I hope.

  130. rose says:

    Just adding my gripe to all the rest. They better get Leah back for sure or it won’t be worth watching. Let’s get Sharon Osborne and Leah together to get a new show going along with Sarah. It’s not good to get rid of the people that make the show………..what a horrible move that was. To make matters even worse, Kate Gosslein???Gag!!!!!!

  131. jaybird369 says:

    I just finished watching today’s episode of The Talk. I only watched it for 1 reason…the SUPER HILARIOUS Kathy Griffin was on there. Aside from that, I was DONE!!! So, after today, I am SO THROUGH with The Talk. Also, at this point, I think that CBS really stands for Cowardly Backstabbing Spineless!!! I believe (and hope) that others will agree with me. CBS, to quote the AWESOME Backstreet Boys…BYE BYE BYE!!!

  132. toni & Ky says:

    I was disappointed in Julie Chen as a woman, she claims to be a top rated reporter who is fair and not biased. If she is the reason they were fired, I think she is pathetic. I am desparately hoping that Leah, Holly and even Mrs. O. finds a home on TV at the same time as the Talk comes on. Someone out there with the power of CBS, like Harpo, NBC, please listen to the outpouring of the fans of Leah and Holly. Mrs. O get out of your contract before she goes after you, you know your next to be voted off, you are a threat to her.

  133. Donna says:

    Well here it is the 17th, and most everyone is still pissed about, Leah, and Holly being fired, me too. I hope Julie is proud of herself, and her henpecked husband, Les Moonves Chen. Can’t stand to watch the show, tried for a few minutes, and Julie mugging for the camera, was all I could take. Changed to Anderson Cooper, it was funny. Bye Bye Talk, can’t wait till it’s gone.

  134. Nancy Pizzato says:

    I’m done too!! Loved this show and now they had to screw it up!! The only time of my day I was assured great laughs and a mountain of giggles. Love Holly and Leah with their honest and refreshing ways.Come on people—CBS, YOU REALLY SCREWED UP!! And giving them only days notice??? I’m not only not going to watch” The Talk” anymore, I’m going to rethink anything on CBS. I am really angry and Julie, if you and your husband had anything to do with this terrible idea, I hope you are canceled before the first of the year and you two are fired for being so stupid and down right back stabing. I agree with many–lets get Oparh involved- she knows a good thing when she sees it—minus of course Julie.I’ve really grown to like Sara–she’s sweet and shy, and Leah was pulling her out of her shell and Sharon–who doean’t love her! And to Holly and Leah, I love you both and I’m just so sorry you have been put this.It’s mean and crewl and you don’t deserve it.I’m done with the show and will miss the best time of my day and you four. Just wondering—who are these people that the people in charge hired??? Five minutes was enough for me.

  135. Eileen wing says:

    It won’t be the same now with Holly and Leah not on the show. They really made the show and what a big mistake. I really can’t see me watching it anymore. I really miss them,please bring them back I need to laugh again.

  136. Lynda Sonak says:

    I loved watching this show, but found out today Leah & Holly isn’t on the show any more. I like them with the other women on the show, but I won’t be watching it now, Leah & Holly made the show.. Big mistake taking them off.

  137. Tim Cantrell says:



  138. Gloria Henderson says:

    I was watching the talk every day but now I wont be watching because Leah and Holly are not there. I find the show boring now. You guys made a big mistake by letting them go. What were you thinking?

  139. Brenda LaFosse says:


  140. Kathi says:

    Wow, just floored. Will not be watching this season and was so excited for the new season.

  141. Chris says:

    I am no longer a fan. For the past year I would DVR show daily and made it a habit to come in every night after work and watch it. I was in love with the show. Not too many shows out there that I can say that about. I watched the first week without Leah or Holly to give it a fair chance and I can no longer watch. Such a shame…. Shame on CBS!

  142. BOBBI says:


  143. Donna says:

    Leah & Holly made the show and I no longer watch it. I do like Sharon but even she cannot keep me watching. I used to like Julie but since her jealousy of Leah & Holly’s appeal fueled this move by her husband, I can’t stand to look at her face or hear her voice. I am shocked to hear that Sara has not had any thing to say to Leah, I thought she was better than that. I guess CBS pressure is greater than true friendship with someone who appeared to be very close with her. I know she needs employment now that Ally and her have split, but this behavior is not what I would have expected from her.

  144. Carla says:

    I was so looking forward to the new season of The Talk. But then Leah and Holly wasn’t there. I kept tuning in to see if they would mention why they weren’t there. It was torture just watching it without them, so I went on line, and was so disappointed to learn that they had been fired. UNBELIEVABLE!
    I am one less viewer. CBS wake up!

  145. jaybird369 says:

    On 9/23/2011, I (against my own better judgement) decided to tune in to The Talk to see what was happening. BIG MISTAKE on my part!!! Julie STILL talks WAY TOO MUCH, Molly and (especially) Sheryl are still NOT cutting it and Sara just sits there and agrees with anything that the others say. Furthermore, as much as I like Kris Jenner, she needs to go back to her Keeping Up With The Kardashians show on E! and stay there. CBS, it’s now BEYOND obvious to me that Holly and Leah aren’t coming back. Ever. So, PLEASE cancel The Talk!!!!

  146. Sandra W says:

    I’ve stopped watching the show – it is boring now! Leah and Holly made the show along with Sharon. I was so looking forward to the new season and kept wondering where Leah and Holly were. I wasn’t able to get through one episode. Are you kidding me! Replacing Leah and Holly with Sheryl Underwood (annoying) and Kris Jenner (boring). And Molly Shannon is funny but not right for this show. The producers (or whomever made this decision!) made a huge mistake and they should realize that when the ratings suck! I hope the show gets cancelled, but I wonder if it will, since it will likely be up to Julie’s husband. I’d love to see Leah and Holly with their own talk show!! That would be interesting and as funny as hell!

  147. Lori Petersen says:

    Wow… what a huge disappointment. I DVR many shows, The Talk being one of them. Just finally having time to catch up and thought possibly Leah and Holly were on vacation, then decided to check it out further and find they are fired??

    Huge mistake there. LOVE Leah, Holly and Mrs. O.

    I will no longer being watching.

  148. jaybird369 says:

    Earlier in the week, I was channel surfing and I noticed that Carnie Wilson was sitting on The Talk panel with the other ladies. Look…I like and respect Carnie as a person and I’ve been a fan of hers from back in her Wilson-Phillips days in the 90′s. But, however, she’s just not a fit for The Talk. At all. Also, remember this…GSN replaced her as host(ess) of The New Newlywed Game because she wasn’t COMICAL ENOUGH!!! They replaced her with Sherri Shepherd, who is doing a FABULOUS job!!! SHERRI…HOLLA!!! The Bottom Line…CBS can have as many female celebrities sit in on The Talk panel as much as possible, but, it STILL won’t change the fact that (1) Holly and Leah are STILL not there and that (2) Julie is STILL a power-hungry WITCH!!! CBS, at this point, it’s BEYOND OBVIOUS that ya’ll ONLY care about power and $$$ and NOT us viewers!!!!! CBS…SHAME ON ALL OF YA’LL!!!!!

  149. sandie hood says:

    So sad to see how the show has changed. Doesn’t keep my attention at all. Julie is so up tight and Sara is so off the wall I feel sorry for her kids. I get so tired of everything she doesn’t do and eat and blah blah blah. Life is so short and I think it is rude when guests bring a gift and you won’t even take a nibble. So Holly and Leah brought the laughter and common sense that real women can relate to. I don’t watch anymore. I was so excited and proud of an all woman talk show that got it right and they messed it up after one year. I say replace them all with some of the hott male hosts they have had one and that would be a winner. I agree SHAME ON ALL OF YOU YOU MESSED UP A GREAT THING. Fire Julie and Sara so I don’t have to grit my teeth cause they seem to have a better than you are attitude about everything.

  150. Deborah Ringer says:

    Lea and Holly were the main reason I watched the show. I love Lea and do NOT like the two women who took Lea and Holly’s places. I love Holly too. The Talk SUCKS now and I will watch Wendy Williams instead, at that time slot. Boo CBS or whoever made the call.

  151. Judy says:

    Wow, I put a comment on the Talk comment section months ago, I will not watch the show anymore,I feel they took the only reason I watched the show away, I like Sharon, and I loved Leah and Holly, I connected more with them! Altogether the whole team seemed to be great together, I hate when the show gave no reason to the fans as to why Leah and Holly were no longer there, I started do my own investigation! Was so disappointed. So thanks alot Cbs, I have to find something else to watch at 2 p.m. !

  152. Cheryl Pugh says:

    Nobody likes changes. I have given the show a long chance without Holly and Leah. I still can’t stand it! Why do networks put on a show and everyone gives it rave reviews and then they change the characters. They were all so diverse and had such diverse opinoins, but meshed in a good way. I never watch “The View”. They all just argue and argue! not something you watch for entertainment.
    Another thing is they have a group of people and then they’re always absent.Either they are the hosts or not.

  153. vallepk says:


  154. need Hope says:

    I feel they let these gals go because leah and holly took the spot light from julie and sara……

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