The Tom/Katie Split: 6 Ways to Predict a Celeb Breakup (Photos)

Katie's divorce was predictable.

You’re probably still feeling the shockwaves ripple under your feet as the world collectively gasps over the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing.

It seems startling and totally unexpected – but was it really? If you look at it closely, the warning signs were there: lots of time spent apart, PDA shows that didn’t ring quite true, tabloid reports of arguments over Tom’s loyalty to Scientology and disagreements over whether to give young Suri a brother or sister.

By the time new pictures of Katie surfaced this week, flashing a rueful smile and looking disheveled, the writing was not only on the wall, it was in permanent ink.

Looking at other well-publicized splits, you can see that they tend to have these and other relationship red flags in common. We’ve listed them here – can you think of any others?

  • They deny the rumors a little TOO much 1 of 6
    They deny the rumors a little TOO much
    Murmurs of a split circulated for several years, but Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony kept insisting they were fine...until they weren't. Sometimes the tabs DO get it right. (See also: Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher...)
  • They’re hardly ever together 2 of 6
    They're hardly ever together
    By the time Johnny Depp finally admitted that he and Vanessa Paradis were no longer a couple, everyone had pretty much reached the same conclusion, considering that they had been living apart for ages.
  • They don’t look happy together 3 of 6
    They don't look happy together
    In one of their last public appearances as a couple - they were celebrating Katie's birthday - their affection seemed a little too forced. Notice how far apart they're standing - and in the entire set of pictures from that night, Katie never once looked at her husband.
  • They try a little too hard 4 of 6
    They try a little too hard
    Heidi Klum and Seal used to make a big deal of renewing their vows annually in a costume-ball setting. Were they trying to convince the world they were in love - or were they really trying to convince themselves?
  • Their wedding seems more thought-out than their marriage 5 of 6
    Their wedding seems more thought-out than their marriage
    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries had a splashy (and widely televised) ceremony. But they'd been dating only six months, which indicates Kim spent more time choosing her gown and guest list than she did getting to know her groom.
  • One partner gets chummy with someone else 6 of 6
    One partner gets chummy with someone else
    By the time Debra Messing announced her separation from husband Daniel Zelman, she had already fallen for "Smash" costar Will Chase.

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