The Top 5 Moments From This Season Of MTVs "Teen Mom"

On-again, off-again couple Amber and Gary

Oh, MTV.  Shows like “The Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom” make us miss the days when the Real World vs. Road Rules Challenge were heavy in the network’s airing rotation.

While “Teen Mom” might not make it to the best highlights in television history (or rather, the opposite) there were some positive moments from this past season.

Let’s take a look at the top five positive moments for the teen moms, dads, and their children.  Check out our gallery and tell us if you agree or disagree.


  • Gary and Amber 1 of 5
    Gary and Amber
    Gary and Amber visit a life coach. At least they're trying to do something positive in their life, right?
  • Farrah 2 of 5
    Farrah tries to get a loan for her plastic surgery, as her savings are for her daughter Sophia's future.
  • Farrah and her daughter Sophia 3 of 5
    Farrah and her daughter Sophia
    Farrah takes her daughter to see her father's grave. One of the rare, true touching moments from this season.
  • Maci and son Bentley 4 of 5
    Maci and son Bentley
    Maci making the decision to move back to Chattanooga and focus on school. She is finally taking responsibility for both her future and her son's.
  • Tyler and Catelynn 5 of 5
    Tyler and Catelynn
    Putting the other Teen Moms to shame, Tyler and Catelynn finish their high school education. Now on to the real world and college. Yay!