"The Town" Director Ben Affleck On Why He Won't Star in Movie with Wife Jennifer Garner


Ben Affleck says audiences don't want to see real-life couples on-screenBen Affleck, star and director of The Town, hasn’t forgotten the disaster that was Gigli, and perhaps that’s why he says he doesn’t see himself starring in a movie alongside his wife Jennifer Garner.

“Jen is a great actress,” Affleck says. “I would be profoundly lucky to work with her.  But something tells me that people don’t want to see real-life couples together at the movies.”

The 2003 movie Gigli, in which he costarred with then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, was a money-making bomb as well as a critical failure. The couple called off their wedding plans and subsequently broke up in 2004.

“I think audiences have a hard time suspending disbelief,” he also recently noted.  “They already know a whole bunch of things about the relationship you have with the other person and if  you try and thrust you and another person into a fictional relationship, I think it is distracting.”

Before they were a couple, he and Garner, appeared together in 2003’s Daredevil. Seven years later they are parents to two daughters: Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 20 months.

But back to the Gigli debacle for a second. Actually, I think the thing that turned people off about Affleck and Lopez was how much they flaunted their relationship so perhaps Gigli didn’t have a chance even if it had been worth watching: Buying each other flashy cars, Lopez revealing how he proposed with her song playing in the background, Affleck starring in one of her music videos and PDA that made even the world’s biggest romantics want to vomit. And the fact they made one of the world’s worst movies together didn’t help. I think a movie starring a real-life couple could work — if it’s a great film and the stars haven’t made themselves tabloid fixtures with their off-screen antics.


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