The Tragedies of The Edwards Family: Cancer, Car Accident and Betrayal


Some families are just less lucky than others. The Edwards family, they’ve really had a tough time,  being hit by several really big tragedies.

This week Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with cancer. She had courageously fought off the disease several times but this time it came back with a vengence and spread. This is the kind of family event that will change a family forever. But this isn’t the first time the Edwards family has been hit by an epically sad event. 

Elizabeth Edwards and husband John Edwards lost their 16 year old son Wade Edwards in a horrible car accident when his Jeep was swept off the highway in a gust of wind.  This was a shock to the family with John Edwards writing that: “Nothing in my life has ever hit me and stripped everything away like my son’s death.” It’s the kind of thing that is every parent’s nightmare, and sadly for the Edward’s it became a reality.

Years later John Edwards betrayed his entire family, his wife and his children, by not only carrying on a long term affair with Rielle Hunter but also siring a child with her.  The affair became front page news everywhere, sadly, Elizabeth and the kids had to deal with the scandal while in the public eye.

During this same time, Elizabeth Edwards was also fighting cancer. A battle that she lost this week. Now she leaves behind three children  – adult Cate and children Emma and Jack. The kids will have to grow up without their mom, and will have to rely even more on their father, who already let the family down.

Let hope that no more tragedy hits the Edwards family, they’ve had their fair share.

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