The True Identity Of Cristiano Ronaldo's Baby Mamma


When Cristiano Ronaldo first announced he was the father of a child and would be raising it alone, it certainly raised a few eyebrows. Sure there were some whispers, but no one had any reason not to believe that he had paid a surrogate to have the child and stay quiet.

That may not be the case. Many are now speculating that the mother of his son, also named Cristiano, is actually an American waitress. His pick up line, perhaps one of the worst in seduction history, was “Me, you, f*** f***.”

She didn’t bite right then so he upped his game. He drew a heart on a misted window and said “Me, you, kiss!” and she melted. How romantic?

They went back to the hotel and had a one night stand that resulted in her pregnancy, reports the Daily Mirror. His mother supervised the paternity deal to bring the baby back to Portugal.

A friend said: “Ronni is a multi-millionaire playboy, but when it comes to family, he’s very much his mother’s son. They are a close-knit, traditional Roman Catholic family and the minute paternity was established there was absolutely no doubt that Ronni would be doing the right thing. There was simply no question of him walking away. Even if he had wanted to, Dolores just would not have entertained it for one moment. This is her grandchild and there was only one option for the child’s upbringing – with her and her daughters in Portugal.”

Cristiano gave the woman $15.1 million for exclusive guardianship and for her silence. But there was another reason.  His mother did not want the mother of her grandchild living in poverty. “Dolores’s view is that if the child eventually decides to make contact with the mother, it is important she is living an affluent lifestyle. It would offend Dolores for the child to find his mother living in poverty. It’s a huge amount of money, but Ronni insists it’s not a big deal because he’s worth £100million and he’s got the best part of his career ahead of him still.”


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