The View Costumes, Halloween 2010: The View Halloween Time Warp (Video)

the view halloween costumes 2010 barbara walters rita hayworth
The View Halloween costumes 2010

Check out The View costumes for Halloween 2010 in this video clip, when the ladies of The View travel into a Halloween Time Warp, with each of their costumes reflecting a different decade.

The View costumes seemed, to me anyway, a little bit uninspired over the costumes they’ve worn in the past, but here’s the rundown:

Whoopi Goldberg is a go go girl

Barbara Walters is Rita Hayworth

Joy Behar is Little Orphan Annie

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington

Sherri Sheperd is a disco queen

Ben Stein shared the news of the day for each of the decades the ladies of The View costumes represented. There was also a review of the candy, music and dance of each decade.

Joy pointed out during Whoopi’s segment that there isn’t a lot of good news in each of the decades… also, The View Halloween episode seemed too much history lesson and not enough fun.

What did you think about The View costumes this year?


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