"The Voice" Coach Christina Aguilera on Her Son's Singing

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Does "The Voice" coach Christina Aguilera coach her son, too?

Christina Aguilera has her hands full these days! She’s a coach/mentor on “The Voice”and is thinking about recording another Spanish album. There’s not a lot of downtime for the celeb mom.

She really wants to set a good example for her son Max. She wants him to see her working hard to support her family so that he grows up to be a hard worker, too. But, is Christina Aguilera raising a singer?

Christina Aguilera says “The other day I was putting him to bed, and he looked at me and said, ‘Mama, will you teach me to sing?’ It was so cute. I’m like, you already have it in there Maxie, all you have to do is sing out loud, it’ll come natural. He definitely has his mama’s lungs, he can scream.”

Max should be a guest coach on “The Voice” so we can hear his skills!

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