The War Horse Premiere: Hijinx, High Heels & Hollywood Stars (Photos)

I’ve always wanted to have a cool New York story. One to pull out at cocktail parties and family get-togethers. Thanks to Steven Spielberg’s new movie War Horse, I have one.  It includes movie stars, pedi cabs, fancy gowns, blisters and last but not least 19 other “mommy bloggers.”

Here’s the deal. Disney/DreamWorks tore (albeit VERY willingly) us “mommy bloggers,” away from our families to bask in the glitz and glamour of the New York City premiere of War Horse, an adaption of the young adult novel by Michael Morpurgo and the critically acclaimed stage show of the same name. As you know, glitz and glamour are not usually words associated with the word “mommy” or even the word “blogger.”  Color all 20 of us a cheery hue of stoked.

So, it’s Saturday night and all us ladies from Seattle to Florida to Texas and beyond – are decked out in our swankiest outfits. Think perfectly coiffed hair, gowns, and high heels (mine came in at 5 inches).  All of us were thrilled to be whisked away to the hot premiere action. But then it went from being a ‘arriving on the red carpet fantasy’ to something more akin to The Amazing Race

It started when about ten of our team were sitting, and sitting, and sitting in a van waiting for the other van to arrive. And as you know, when girls are giddy with excitement, they get impatient. The late van wisely made up for time by pulling an illegal U-turn and got to the Lincoln Center in about four minutes and 28 seconds. Our driver? He’s no law breaker and instead opted to stay in the bumper to bumper traffic in his van with 10 women on the verge of full blown anxiety attacks. Yes, he was a brave man. His plan? To take the “back way” to Lincoln Center.

As we traveled a couple blocks in the opposite direction he was insistent to see his “back way” through. But he hadn’t counted on the men in blue. The New York City police officers who blocked each intersection from any and all right turns. We were getting farther and farther away from our destination with no ease in wacky traffic rules or endless cars. At this point, some made pleas for our release. The driver? He ignored them. Then one of the pack decided…just to get out.

Mommy Bloggers on the Run!

That’s when we started running.We were a vision, a group of women sprinting in heels and gowns, surely not the first time (or the last) this has been seen in NYC.  Then Emily (of Clever Housewife) spotted what we thought would be our salvation…a New York City pedi-cab. Emily, Louise of Mom Start, and I jump in, screamed “take us to Lincoln Center as fast as you can!”

We felt so smart, so lucky, so on our way to the big event. But after about 4 blocks, while our driver fearlessly wove in and out of traffic, we realized…we don’t have the money or at least not enough to pay for the tourist trappish price of a pedi cab ride. Only Emily had cash, which totaled $32. We asked him how much our charge would be thus far. His answer? $40. Yeah, we were screwed. We pled our case, apologized profusely and after he gave a “yeah, whatever crazy women” shrug we made a run for it.

Now Emily? She’s fast. She was making a mad dash with Louise and I about 30 paces behind her. Every now and then Emily would look back, giving the illusion that she was being chased by two crazy women in dresses, but it’s New York, again something that isn’t a first (and won’t be the last).

We’re running, our feet are aching, our legs cramping and then we see it, the bright lights of the War Horse premiere.

At this moment an older gentleman wearing a ball cap, pullover and chinos asks me if I know where Fisher Hall is, the location of the premiere. I tell him where it is, and to follow us because we’re going there too. He tells me about how he hadn’t been in New York City in a long time, how he is going to the big Spielberg premiere and as he starts to tell me a touching story about how he got the tickets I realize my cohorts in this adventure were yet again on the run. I instruct him to follow us and he’ll get there and tell him I’ll keep an eye out to make sure he goes to the right place. And this man, he seemed really familiar to me, like a distant relative, or an old History professor. Then it hits me, it was Charles Grodin of Midnight Run, Heartbreak Kid and The Great Muppet Caper fame. Yes, Charles frickin’ Grodin! Awesome, but still we were on a quest and we left him in the dust.

We rush to the entrance and we spot our wonderful PR rep Marshall. He is standing there with open arms and the words, “Sunny, Emily and Louise, you are the 2nd team to arrive, you are still in the race.”  Yes, it may not have been the real Amazing Race but it was for sure an amazing night.

Check out these photos from the red carpet of some of the celebrity parents who attended and probably had a far easier journey to the red carpet then the rest of us moms!

  • Cathy Moriarity and family 1 of 10
    Cathy Moriarity and family
    Cathy Moriarity (who was amazing in the classic Raging Bull), was there with family. She tried to make sure the kids didn't eat too much dessert at the after party.
  • Stephen Lang 2 of 10
    Stephen Lang
    The star of Avatar was seen holding court with other premiere goers at the after party.
  • Emily Watson 3 of 10
    Emily Watson
    War Horse star Emily Watson took her nieces to the premiere but kept her kids at home.
  • Michael Michele 4 of 10
    Michael Michele
    The ER star looked lovely for the night out on the town.
  • Destry Allen Spielberg and Steven Spielberg 5 of 10
    Destry Allen Spielberg and Steven Spielberg
    Speilberg with one of his kids.
  • Hope Davis 6 of 10
    Hope Davis
    Actress Hope Davis kept a low profile at the premiere.
  • Phylicia Rashad 7 of 10
    Phylicia Rashad
    Phylicia Rashad looked stunning on the red carpet.
  • Cassidy Gifford and Kathie Lee Gifford 8 of 10
    Cassidy Gifford and Kathie Lee Gifford
    It was mother daughter night for Kathie Lee and Cassidy.
  • Ralph Macchio 9 of 10
    Ralph Macchio
    Dad Ralph Macchio seemed excited to be there.
  • Tony Danza 10 of 10
    Tony Danza
    Tony Danza was seen mingling and making the rounds at the after party.

War Horse opens nationwide on Christmas Day

Photos: Louise Bishop of Mom Start, PR Photos






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