There Is Something "Surprising" About Kim Kardashian - Find Out What?? (Photos)

Kim Kardashian Via Instragram

There is something very “surprising” about Kim Kardashian! Over the past few years as we have watched Kim grow on Keeping up with the Kardashians, she always seemed to be the more serious of the sisters.

While engaged and married to Kris Humphries, we never really saw the inner Kim, the one that gets silly, laughs at herself and lets loose. The pregnant mom-to-be has surprised us all with a new change of heart!

Kim Kardashian really seems to be enjoying life with her family, friends and baby daddy Kanye West!

Kim had a great time today sharing Instagram photos of her many different styles of braids!

Check out the photos below!

  • WOW! The Bling Braid! 1 of 7
    WOW! The Bling Braid!
    That is some bling Kim Kardashian is sporting!
    @kimkardashian wrote: Bo Derek braids
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • The HA HA NO Braid! 2 of 7
    The HA HA NO Braid!
    Kim sometimes has such a silly side!
    @kimkardashian wrote: Ummm what has @clydehairgod done to me? #TheresSomethingAboutKim
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Up Do Braids! 3 of 7
    Up Do Braids!
    Wow, from the side it looks like Kourtney!
    @kimkardashian wrote: Up do braids
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • The From A Distance Braid! 4 of 7
    The From A Distance Braid!
    Kim can wear any braid well!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Hanging By a Rope Braid! 5 of 7
    Hanging By a Rope Braid!
    HA! Is that Kris who she cut out? Meaning he is holding a rope?
    @kimkardashian wrote: Rope braid
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • The Carpet Braid! 6 of 7
    The Carpet Braid!
    Kim knows how to rock the braid!
    @kimkardashian wrote: Throwback Braid at the Angel Ball
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Fish Braids! 7 of 7
    Fish Braids!
    Km is looking fierce with that fish braid!
    @kimkardashian wrote: Today's hair - fishtail braid
    Photo Source: Instagram

(Photo Source : Instagram )
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