There WILL Be Babies For Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton?!



Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton were said to have split because Hamilton was feeling pressure to settle down and have a family.  He had reportedly dumped Nicole out of the blue, but that’s not the case at all!

According to pals, Nicole wanted to get married and start making babies and Lewis was having none of that. 

“Lewis was adamant the relationship had come to an end.  He was feeling under pressure to take their union to the next level and he wasn’t wanting to become engaged, get married or think about having children.

“He’s young, they spend an awful lot of time apart and he’s just not ready to leave his youth behind for a lifetime with Nicole.”

The source added, “He found the tribulations of having a long-distance relationship very challenging indeed.

“Nicole’s mortified — she imagined being with Lewis for a long time and she’s shocked that things have ended so suddenly.”

Sounds so horrible!  But have no fear, the couple are very much together.  So, who are these lying friends??

Lewis has set the record straight, “That is bull****.  We are still together.”

So, does that mean they’re pregnant!  Hmm, maybe I should write another story…