There's No Crying Over Spilled Milk! Sandra Bullock Learns the Hard Way (Photos)

sandra bullock, louis, spilled milk
Sandra Bullock carries her son Louis to school.

The infamous saying, “There’s no crying over spilled milk,” has a whole new meaning to mom Sandra Bullock!

Bullock was spotted dropping her son Louis off at school on Thursday (May 10) while her adorable son ended up spilling his milk all down her back. Unfortunately, Sandra was unaware of this incident and ended up with a milk-drenched jacket.

In hindsight, Sandra was rocking some colorful sneakers that ended up stealing the attention of onlookers.

Take a look at Louis spilling milk on Sandra below!

  • Off to School 1 of 7
    Off to School
    Sandra Bullock takes her son Louis to school.
  • Colorful Sneakers 2 of 7
    Colorful Sneakers
    Take a look at Sandra's colorful sneakers!
  • Spilled Milk 3 of 7
    Spilled Milk
    Louis appeared to have spilled some milk on his doting mom!
  • Unaware 4 of 7
    Sandra seems unaware of the spilled milk on her jacket.
  • No Crying Over Spilled Milk 5 of 7
    No Crying Over Spilled Milk
    Eh, as all moms know - there's no crying over spilled milk!
  • Heading Home 6 of 7
    Heading Home
    Sandra heads back to the car after dropping her son off at school.
  • Taking the Bottle 7 of 7
    Taking the Bottle
    Sandra takes Louis' bottle and toys back to the car as well.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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