They're Just Like Us: Julie Bowen Fesses Up To Loose Flesh Post Baby


0000036122_20061130155519As you know, we’re BIG fans of celebrity moms who tell it like it is – especially when it comes to the dreaded post baby slim-down.  The latest momma to get real is Julie Bowen and while we didn’t think it possible to love her more (we’re die-hard Modern Family fans) — we do.

Unlike some of the other moms in the “they’re just like us” club, having seen Julie in black bra and panties (flashing Dylan – the hottie bf of her daughter in a Modern Family episode last week)  we know she’s definitely shed the pounds from her twin bundles of joy, John and Gus.  And because she’s such a tiny drink of water kind of girl, she really made it look easy.  But…we love her because even though she didn’t have to, she spilled the beans to People Magazine that she did have “loose flesh in places most people shouldn’t have loose flesh.”

Call us crazy…but we women find comfort in knowing other women have loose flesh!

Looking forward to watching more of  Julie’s delightful comedy with her tv family and watching her joyfully juggling motherhood with her real family too.