This is What Nicholas Cage Wears to the Pool (Photos)

Nicolas Cage On Vacation

When you think vacay in the gorgeous Amalfi coast, you think casual, you think shorts, you think relaxing. But Nicolas Cage, that’s not how he rolls.

Nicolas Cage was spotted vacationing with his wife Alice Kim and his son Kal-El at a poolside hotel in Amalfi. While his wife was in a bikini and his son in swim trunks, Nicolas Cage was wearing jeans, sneakers and a suit jacket. What kind of outfit is that for poolside fun?

Well, he did have what looks like a script in his hands so perhaps he was on the way to some sort of movie-star work function. Let’s hope he had some time off to play!

Check out another photo of Nicolas Cage’s not so vacationy vacation look right here:


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