This Star Wars Blooper Reel Is the BEST THING EVER (Video)


star warsStar Wars isn’t just a movie. It is an important iconic and cultural phenomenon that has been beloved by generations. Star Wars has had an incredible impact on pop culture, where kids are more likely to be able to identify Han Solo than George Washington, can hum the Star Wars theme song more accurately than “The Star Spangled Banner,” and Darth Vader has become a Halloween costume staple on par with ghosts and vampires. Yup, Star Wars is part of us all. And now there is a completely new and jarring way to see the film via the newly released blooper reel.

In the short mash-up of clips, we see stormtroopers slipping and sliding, Han Solo eating his headset, C3PO tripping down a sand dune, and Luke Skywalker struggling with the pronunciation of “supernova.” It’s completely fascinating to see these icons break character, trip, laugh, and totally flub their lines.

Check out the video here:

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