Thora Birch: Jack Birch & Carol Connors Daughter Cut From Dracula After Jack Birch Loses Control

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Thora Birch: Jack Birch & Carol Connors Daughter Cut From Dracula

Thora Birch, best known for her role in American Beauty, was cut from her role in an off-Broadway production of Dracula. Thora Birch is the daughter of Jack Birch and Carol Connors, who were both adult film stars in the 70s. Thora Birch was cut from Dracula after Jack Birch lost control of his temper and threatened a cast member he thought was hitting on Thora.

Jack Birch saw an actor rubbing Thora Birch’s back, and interrupted the scene and threatened the actor. When the actor told Jack Birch that he had been told to rub her back, Jack snapped and said, “Listen, man, I’m trying to make this easier on you – don’t touch her.”

Thora Birch was cut from the production soon after the incident, because her father was constantly with her, and producers felt they could not continue with her in the role. She has since been replaced by Lucy Seward.

Jack Birch may have been an adult film star, but he sounds like a pretty typical dad…getting upset watching a man touch his daughter!

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