Tia Mowry Thinks Being Pregnant Is Sexy


Tia Mowry32 year-old actress and first time mom Tia Mowry is due with her first baby in July. She looks so beautiful being pregnant, and she is also enjoying the sensuality of her pregnancy.

Tia recently sat down with PEOPLE and talked about her pregnancy. I know that there are people out there who say that there is nothing sexy about being pregnant. Then there are some people who embrace the sexuality. I feel empowered; I feel sexy”

Tia also revealed her beautiful pregnancy photo, showing her naked and photographed from the side with one hand covering her breasts and the other hand holding her belly.

The shot was inspired by her mom, who admits to regretting not having a photo of herself pregnant. And Tia loves it! She admitted that she’s a little “obsessed” with her pregnancy pic…and she should be she looks gorgeous! Take a look for yourself here.

I had pictures like this taken with my first pregnancy, and while it felt weird to be pregnant and naked in front of a stranger, it’s now one of my most cherished possessions! Did you have a pregnancy picture done?

Photo: PRPhotos