Tiffani Thiessen Is Pregnant and Adorable


tiffani-thiessen-pregnant-white-collarTiffani  Thiessen is such an adorable pregnant girl. I love her in “White Collar” and I loved her in  “Saved By The Bell.” She is just so cute.

Yes, I just judged a book by its cover.

Tiffani says that pregnancy has changed her in ways she didn’t expect. She’s been a vegetarian for years and all of a sudden craved red meat.

She said, “Crazy enough I had a steak before I left tonight and I would never have eaten one before. One day I just woke up and craved meat. It’s weird.”

Tiffani knows the sex of her baby, but isn’t letting anyone in on the secret. “I had dreams about a child before I even was pregnant and my dreams now are about a boy or this girl that I don’t know and we are playing together. It’s weird, but I hear hormones make your brain go crazy.”

I’m sure she’s going to be a great mom. Congrats to Ms. Thiessen and her husband Brady Smith.