Tiffani Thiessen Talks TV SHows And Babies


tiffani-thiessen-white-collar-usaTiffani Thiessen, remember her, I totally thought she was awesome in “Saved By The Bell”.  I didn’t watch 90210, but I’m sure she was great on that too.

She has a new show premiering in October on USA called ” White Collar”. Breezy Mama caught up with her and asked her about life apart from her husband and whether or not she wants kids.
She said, “It’s been really hard. We’re trying to make it work. We’re going back and forth. And luckily I don’t have to work every day like [some of the] boys [on the show] do. It’s actually going to be much harder for them. They have kids.”

She also said she does want kids, but now that she has a new show she doesn’t want to spring a pregnancy on the writer/creators.

Read all about her desire to have babies here.