Tiffani Thiessen Used Skype to Tell Her Husband She Was Pregnant


tiffani-thiessen-white-collar-skypeWhen Tiffani Thiessen wanted to break the news to husband Brady Smith that she was pregnant, she had to get creative. Thiessen is in New York filming the USA series White Collar and her husband is based in Los Angeles.

So she did what any tech-savvy pregnant lady would do – she told him over Skype. I wonder if she’ll Twitter the birth?

The former Saved By The Bell actress says the voice/video internet phone utility comes in handy when you’re across the country from the one you love. “Skype has saved our lives. It was nice to be able to see his reaction. He almost fell off his chair.”

Thiessen and Smith were married in 2005 and are expecting their first baby next May. “All the dominoes were lined up and are running down smoothly, Thiessen says. “I have the greatest job, the greatest husband and we’re having a child. I couldn’t feel more blessed.”