Tiffani Thiessen's Pregnancy: Just Like Yours


I’ve already confessed my adulation for Tiffani Thiessen. So I’m particularly thrilled to see her on the cover of the May issue of Parenting magazine. Especially since the interview inside gives a sneak peak into her pregnancy—which, thrillingly, is a lot like yours and mine. Highlights:

– A vegetarian for 20 years, she confirms that she’s been eating meat during her pregnancy. In fact, she’s been craving it. Me? I felt like a cave-woman while pregnant. I was gnawing beef off the bone.

– “And, not to be too graphic, but the hair growth! I’ve had to shave my legs every day. I didn’t realize it was going to be so drastic and so much.” TMI? Or is it charming when a celeb reveals her flaws? I’m undecided.

– The White Collar star wants a baby who’s “long and lean,” just like her 6′ 4” husband, actor Brady Smith.

– She’s the laid-back one in her house. Her husband’s the worry wart. So while she wants her babe to look like her husband, she’s hoping s/he inherits her laissez-faire attitude. 

– And what’s she wearing on the cover? A totally affordable ($59) Isabella Oliver Cap Scoop Top in Heather Grey,

Thiessen’s May due date is fast approaching, so keep your eyes on this space! We’ll let you know as soon as the new Thiessen-Brady arrives.