Tiger and Elin Finally Separate. What About the Kids?


After six months of maybe-they-will, maybe-they-won’t, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have called it quits on their marriage, and have decided to officially separate.

Sometimes, celebrity news take us by surprise. (Sandra Bullock baby anyone?) But this one you could see from a mile away.

The golfer and his wife have been living separate lives the last few months, with Woods returning to the golf tour, and Nordegren returning to Sweden–with their kids in tow. A few times, their roles have reversed, and Tiger’s taken the kids while Elin has had some alone time. But one thing has remained constant: they haven’t been spending any time with each other.

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: I think both Tiger and Elin have handled this pretty well, where their kids are involved. They didn’t seem to rush to a decision, and they also seem to be taking care to let the children spend time with each of them. And if right now Tiger and Elin can’t stand the sight of each other, better they get quality time one-on-one than spend tense family time all together.

The hope in all of this is that looking back, their kids don’t have to think to themselves, ‘Hey remember the time daddy crashed his car in the driveway and then mommy kicked him out?’. Of course, that special family moment will be preserved on the internet for the rest of their lives, but I suppose they can deal with that another day.