Tiger Says 'No Way' to Elin's Sweden Plans


Last week, it was reported that Elin Nordegren was in the process of having work done to a property in Sweden in anticipation of moving there with her kids later this year.

Well, not so fast, says Tiger. According to Rob Shuter at PopEater, the embattled golfer is not at all on board with that plan.

“He knows his marriage is probably over, but he will never give up on those kids,” a source told Shuter. “They mean the world to him.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. My sense is that the Tiger Woods tour of contrition is over. He’s said sorry, he went to “rehab”, he’s hung his head–and now he is done. He’s back on the golf course, he’s running commercials and while there may have been a time when he was willing to capitulate on anything in order to look like a dutiful and repentant husband (and to win back the good graces of his corporate sponsers) I think that time has now passed. The golf star may not be the man everyone thought he was. But now that we all know that, there’s not much left to say.

On the other hand–is a public custody battle good for his image? Will it help him win back his lost sponsors? Probably not. So he’s going to have to figure out what is most important to him here, and act accordingly.

For the record- I am with Team Tiger on this one. Just because he is a lousy husband doesn’t mean his wife should relocate their kids to the other side of the planet. So whatever is going on with the Sweden plans, I am hoping they have nothing to do with permanent living arrangements. I just don’t see what that solves. Let’s just hope the split we are all expecting to happen is quick and painless, and then Elin, Tiger and the kids can hopefully move on from dealing with all this in a public manner and get back to figuring out their lives in private.

That is, unless they go the Jon and Kate route. Then we’ll have the pleasure of hearing all about it for years to come!