Tiger Woods Admits Family Life Is Affecting Golf Game


Tiger Woods, if you haven’t heard by now, has had one of those weeks. On Sunday, he dropped out of The Player’s Championship with a painful neck injury. Yesterday, news broke that he has hired an attorney specializing in international custody agreements to hammer out what we assume will be a complicated divorce settlement. And today his golf coach quit, via text message. Sounds like the embattled golfer could use a tub of Calgon, stat.

“There’s a lot of things going on in my life, period, right now,” Woods told reporters, while discussing his challenges on the golf course. “I’m just trying to get everything in a harmonious spot, and that’s not easy to do.”

I’m of two minds about this admission from Tiger. One part of me really feels for the guy—no matter who you are, it sucks when your personal life spills over into your professional life, and vice versa. The other half of me wants to say ‘Oh really, Tiger? You’re having trouble with your work-life balance? There’s a club for that—it’s called parenthood. We’ve even got t-shirts! But none are attached to multi-million dollar endorsement deals.’