Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Reunite For Daughter's Birthday


tiger woods elin nordegrenReunited and it feels so … awkward! Just weeks days before telling the whole world that they’d divorced, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were back together briefly on Saturday for their daughter, Sam’s, 3rd birthday party in June. The pictures just came out.

Yeah, that had to be pretty uncomfortable, but it’s probably better that they waited to announce the divorce settlement until after this party. Otherwise Elin would be facing Tiger after that awesome (to me, not to Tiger) People interview, and Tiger would be facing Elin after refusing to tell a reporter on Wednesday whether he still loved his ex-wife. Petty much, Tiger?

So how much did the two exes interact?

Well, if you believe the photograph evidence, they mostly stayed away from each other, as you might expect. Tiger carried around their 1-year-old son, Charlie. Elin helped the birthday girl go down the inflatable slide at the party place they’d rented in Orlando, Fla., for the occasion. (I assume they rented it. But they are rich; maybe they bought it.)

At one point, Tiger and Elin even reportedly strolled around the party together.

There were no reports of angry outbursts, and Sam certainly had the world’s most adorable cake. So maybe Tiger and Elin will be able to succeed where Jon and Kate Gosselin have not in having a mature, respectful co-parenting relationship that recognizes that while their relationship was disastrous in the extreme, they are putting their kids’ best interests first.

How very novel.