Tiger Woods and Elin Not Fighting Over the Kids


Reports are saying that divorce is imminent between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren, and unsurprisingly, it is Elin who wants out.  So it looks like Woods will be living here without Elin.  And while surely there is a lot to argue about (his infidelity, paying off Rachel Uchitel, his general bad taste in mistresses), one thing they aren’t arguing about is the children.

“Elin wants to share custody, she wants Tiger to be a big part of the children’s lives,” a source said. “And both have done a great job trying to keep their problems away from the kids.”

Per RadarOnline:

And while some have said a custody battle is brewing, has documented that Tiger and Elin have not argued AT ALL over the children and have shared custody without any problems.

Elin is renting a house approximately a mile away from the home she once shared with Tiger. The children get to sleep over Tiger’s house. And during the day, if Elin and Tiger are both in town and the children want to go from one house to the other, they are allowed to.

Sources also say all the details of the divorce will be worked out before the couple goes public with the news.